Which Zodiac Signs Want To Get Married, And Which Don't?

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Weddings are beautiful experiences and when you are invited to one it's impossible not to imagine yourself wearing a beautiful white dress and saying 'I do' to your partner, right? Only hold on, what if your other half doesn’t like the idea of marriage and everything it entails? The 12 zodiac signs can be split into those that love the idea of getting hitched and the ones that are virtually against it. Which group does astrology cast you in to? Plus, what are the best and worst dates to get married in 2023?

Which Zodiac Signs Want To Get Married, And Which Don't?

Although fewer people get married nowadays, the sound of wedding bells and the thought of a gorgeous wedding dress still has lots of us dreaming. Do you want to get married yet your other half doesn't seem interested? Do they give you excuses such as “we’re fine as we are! There is no need to get married.” If this is the case, the chances are your partner's zodiac sign is Aquarius, Aries or Gemini.

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These are the 6 zodiac signs that dream of getting married

There will be no problem getting these personalities to church on time, in fact, they’ll be practically running down the aisle.

1) Libra needs an official union

They dream of a happy relationship and need love to really feel content in their life. This sign likes to make things official, and therefore marriage makes them feel more secure. They adore the romantic side of a wedding and love celebrating their love with their soulmate.

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2) Capricorn sees it as proof of love

They feel the need for constant reassurance, and nothing can reassure them more than someone who is willing to commit their life to them. Above all, a Capricorn is proud and looks for a partner who will always be loyal to them. They need to make their relationship official in order to be truly happy.

3) Sagittarius is very old-fashioned

They like official engagements and love the classic wedding ceremony. They’re a sign who would love a traditional church wedding.Wedding

4) Cancer is a true romantic

They need to satisfy their romantic side and have the desire to make intense emotional moments with their partner, and therefore it’s only natural that they love the idea of marriage.

5) Taurus wants security

They like tradition and a quiet, secure life, and therefore they love the reassurance of being married to someone for life.

6) Leo wants a stunning dress

They like the idea of marriage because of the huge celebration and the lure of being the center of attention. They love to party and can't wait for their hen night! Likewise, they also love to make their love and their loyalty official and can’t wait to present themselves as a duo in front of everyone they love.

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And now for the 6 zodiac signs that couldn't care less about getting married

And here we have the signs that you’ll struggle to get into church, let alone down the aisle.

1) Gemini can't see the point

Marriage really isn’t their thing, they don’t understand why it is necessary, for them, it changes nothing whether they are married or not! Furthermore, they hate the idea of a huge ceremony.

2) Aries hates the protocol

They don’t really like the idea of marriage, it annoys them! They need passion in their life and not a routine ceremony that everyone does.

3) Aquarius gets scared by the idea

Marriage gives them goosebumps, they don’t like the idea of losing their freedom as they’re very naturally independent and the idea of dealing with in-laws at a wedding is just too much! 

Scared woman

And the zodiac signs that are neither for nor against saying 'I do'...

It’s all or nothing with these signs…

1) Scorpio sees it as a big step

With them, it’s all or nothing! They’re capable of being passionately married, but they’re also very open to the idea of divorce, and so they question the longevity of marriage if so many, so often end in divorce.

2) Virgo finds the idea daunting

On one side, marriage is a way to secure your loyalty and your desire to be together, but on the other side, you can have fear of breaking up and the complications of going through a divorce.

3) Pisces can't understand the fuss

They will want to get married if they feel in a friendly and stable environment, they need to feel secure. Pisces don’t just marry their partner, they marry all their friends and family too. Marrying a Pisces means really bringing them into your family, and so it is a scary step for them as it is such a big commitment.

What are the best dates for a wedding in 2023, according to astrology?

Bear in mind that several days before or after these dates can also be for a successful wedding day, this list is just the very best dates to be a bride or groom.

  • From January 29 to February 20
  • From March 7 to 10
  • From April 15 to May 13
  • From May 21 to 24
  • June 8 to 15
  • June 25 to July 2
  • July 9 to 17
  • July 30 to August 5
  • August 15 to 21
  • October 11 to 17
  • November 12 to 20
  • December 19 to 25

And how about the worst dates to get married in 2023?

If you want to live happily ever after, avoid planning your big day on the following dates...

  • From February 25 to March 6
  • From 16th to 23rd March
  • March 26 to April 3
  • June 16 to 23
  • August 7 to 13
  • August 23 to September 3
  • From September 21 to October 7
  • From November 3 to 10
  • From December 6 to 15

Zodiac sign compatibility for marriage

Between the different signs that exist, there are sometimes more affinities and chemistry than between other pairs... Have you ever wondered if you were compatible with your future partner? Here’s who you are compatible with in marriage!


Those born under the sign of Aries are often described as impulsive, adventurous, and full of energy. They love without thinking about the consequences, the why's, or the wherefores that may stand in their way or that of their significant other. 

  • They have the best compatibility with people of the Libra, Taurus, or Cancer sign.


Stubborn people who hide a tender and passionate heart. They can hardly forgive a betrayal, and they hate to be upset, whatever the circumstances. 

  • They are compatible with people of the Scorpio, Gemini, or Leo sign.


They like to be clear and transparent with others, Gemini! Furthermore, they are often thought to have a split personality... 

  • They match well with people of the sign Sagittarius, Cancer, and Virgo.


They appreciate that there is a balance between "giving" and "receiving". 

  • Likewise, they have strong compatibility with people of the sign Capricorn, Aries, and Libra.


They are faithful to their commitments as well as to their friends. Very stubborn and proud, they are also very loyal in a relationship and capable of doing anything for their loved one. 

  • They have strong compatibility with the people of Aquarius, Taurus, or Virgo.


Perfectionists and sometimes difficult to understand. When someone offers their heart to them, they trust them completely and become easier to tame. 

  • They have promising compatibility with the people of Libra, Pisces, and Sagittarius.


They are uncertain when it comes to making a decision, but they are also very sociable and have a unique elegance. Furthermore, they give themselves body and soul to the person they love without thinking about the consequences. 

  • They are compatible with people of the sign Aries, Taurus, and Cancer.


Scorpios are difficult to deal with. Sometimes full of mystery, they can be easily jealous. They give themselves completely and are very loyal to the person they love. 

  • They match with people of the sign Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.


Adventurous Sagittarius does not have a particular predisposition for commitments, since they are often afraid to suffer for love. 

  • They match with people of the sign Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn.


Shy and sentimental, very hardworking, and in search of excellence. They don't like to beat around the bush and appreciate sincerity and clarity with their friends.

  • They get on well with people of Cancer, Aquarius, or Libra.


While they are often criticized for not expressing their feelings, they like to please their partner. They can't stand hypocritical people and stand for justice above all else. Sentimental and sincere, they do not tolerate lies. 

  • They have strong compatibility with people of the sign Leo, Capricorn, or Pisces.


Pisces people are passionate, loyal, and understanding, which makes them perfect companions for a lasting relationship.

  •  They match with people of the sign Virgo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Listen to the signs

Now you know if you are astrologically compatible with your partner! If you don't find your match in the "ideal partners", don't forget that astrology is not an exact science. However, it can point us in the right direction when it comes to finding someone. 

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