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Wax Following The Moon's Phases For Incredibly Smooth Skin

The Moon influences everything, including the rate of our hair growth and regrowth...surprising isn't it?! If you want irresistible smooth skin and legs, the solution is to wax following the Moon's phases, but which Moon phases are the best to ensure super soft skin? Our experts reveal the best times to wax by following the Moon in their 2018 Moon calendar, so have your agenda at the ready.

When should I wax according to the Moon's phases?

The Moon cycles have a direct impact on many things such as our sleep patterns, sexuality, weight loss and also hair growth, so for softer and smoother skin it is important to plan your hair removal during the best possible lunar phase.

The ideal period for hair removal is during a period of waxing or waning Moon. More precisely for the smoothest skin, you should wax during the period between a Full Moon and a New Moon. It’s a proven fact that during this period, hair regrowth is slower which means the desired results will last for longer. Furthermore, if you wax during this period, your hair growth will be slower and the hairs will regrow thinner.

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2018 Wax calendar according to the Moon's phases

Here it is your 2018 wax calendar in accordance with the Moon’s cycles. Based on the waxing and waning moon, we’ve taken the best times of the year for waxing and hair removal. If you want to wax at the most effective times possible, choose one of the following dates… 

January 2018

For the best results, wax between Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 17th January.

January waxing calendar Moon

February 2018

For the best results and minimal regrowth, wax between the February 1st and February 15th.

February waxing calendar

March 2018

For smooth skin, wax between March 2nd and March 17th.

March waxing calendar Moon

April 2018 

April 30th - May 15th.

May 2018

May 28th - June 13th.

June 2018 

June 28th - July 13th.

July 2018 

July 27th - August 11th.

August 2018

August 16th - September 9th.

September 2018

September 25 - October 9.

October 2018 

October 24th - November 7th.

November 2018

November 23rd - December 7th

December 2018

From December 22nd onwards.

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