The 5 Different Methods Of Drawing The Belline Oracle

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Thanks to the Belline Oracle, we can all practice clairvoyance in a simple and accessible way. The cards even give us the choice since there are several methods of drawing. Whether you're looking for answers to a specific question, or you want to know your future over the course of a month, there's bound to be a perfect draw for you! We'll explain the 5 different techniques to you.

How does it work? Formulate your question well, concentrate, stay neutral, let the cards of the Belline oracle speak! You can also try our free Belline Oracle.

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What are the different methods of drawing the Belline oracle?

1. The cross print: 5 Cards to get precise answers

This draw allows you to find out more about your future, whether it is love, work, or more general. The cards should be arranged as follows:

Cross drawing

  • Card 1 represents the present, and more precisely your current state of mind. How do you feel about your question?
  • Card 2 shows you your weaknesses and the elements that could hinder your current situation;
  • The third card shows you the path to follow, this is the key to reach your goal;
  • The fourth card provides the answer to your question;
  • And the fifth and final card is the summary. It summarizes the meaning of the draw and gives a picture of your future in the face of your question.

2. The online draw: 7 Cards for a general draw

This technique is also suitable for responding to a specific response, but is also used for a general print run. It is advisable to draw 7 cards and align them, the first one will be on the left side.

Line draw

  • The first three cards represent your recent past and/or present;
  • The central card provides the solution to your situation and the answer to your question;
  • The last three cards reveal the possible evolution of the situation.

Note: Avoid asking negative questions.

It’s best to keep it simple with the Oracle of Belline. For example, ask the question "Does he love me?" ...rather than "Does he no longer love me?".

3. The ternary draw: Three cards are enough

This method can be applied if you are looking for specific answers, or for a general draw.

Ternary draw

  • The first card represents what is favorable, what you are likely to succeed at;
  • The second card shows you what's against you;
  • Finally, the last card gives the answer to your question and summarizes the draw.

4. The monthly draw: Find out what's in store for the next 30 days

If you want to know the progress of a particular month, use this method. You will only need 7 cards arranged in a pyramid.

pyramid cards

  • The first card symbolizes your state of mind about the situation;
  • Cards two and three represent your emotional relationships. They can be love relationships or friendships;
  • Cards n°4 and 5 relate to your activity (professional, or your projects);
  • Cards n°6 and 7 are related to your finances (expenses, income, or income).

5. The 6-slide evolution draw: For a better understanding of the situation

This method allows you to provide answers to a specific question or to better understand a situation that concerns you, in order to perceive its evolution. Draw six cards.

6 cards

  • Cards 1 and 2 represent you as a person and your state of mind with regard to the situation that concerns you;
  • Cards 3 and 4 symbolize the favorable and unfavorable factors coming from the outside;
  • The last two cards in the third line provide the answer to your question.

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