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How Should I Draw My Tarot Cards?

The secret to using Tarot Cards properly is having several decks. (They can be found in esoteric boutiques). Learn how to use the cards and how to choose them yourself. Using tarot cards will no longer be a mystery for you!

Once you’ve obtained your tarot deck(s), be sure to keep them in a safe place because they’ll follow you your whole life. They’ll reveal your future and answer all of your questions. Once acquired, you must familiarize yourself with the cards, look at them, observe them and handle them so that the cards can get used to your magnetic aura and pick up on your energy. The more you handle the deck, the more you’ll precise your drawing method will be.

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So, how should I choose my cards?

You can do a simple test that will consist of randomly choosing 22 cards, face down, that you don’t look at until the end of the day. You’ll notice that your choice of cards will relate to your mood during the day. Repeat this exercise for 22 days then start it over for the following 22 days but, this time, try to guess the card that you’ve pulled each morning. You will be surprised with your results and you’ll also be ready to start your drawing your first cards!

For all of your drawings, it’s recommended that you prepare your ritual in a calm place, full of peace and quiet and without any harsh light. You could, for example, light some candles that will act as incentives for your choices. This is all you’ll need to do to prepare the atmosphere for the ceremony.

Once in effect, you can start to relax whilst thinking the problems or issues that you want to address.

Shuffle the cards thinking about your question then split the deck with your left hand. For every deck, gather the 2 halves taking care to place the half that was on the bottom, on top.

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How should I lay out the cards?

There are many ways to choose your cards but the simplest is choosing them after you’ve laid them in a cross-shape.

Mix the cards up face down then pull out 4 at random, keeping your question in mind. Put one card to the left, the second card to the right, the third at the top, and the forth at the bottom, right below the first two (making a “cross”).

Then, start turning the cards over and interpreting them. If certain cards have been placed upside down, the interpretation could be negative but if that’s how the cards appear, there will be a reason for this. In case of doubt, it’s possible to include another card to help clarify your prediction.

What do the cards mean?   

•    The first card relates to you and your question.
•    The second card helps or counteracts your interrogation.
•    The third card relates to your possibilities and the potential to reach your goal.
•    The fourth and final card is the answer to your question.

Each Tarot of Marseille card has a number (1-22) accompanied by a design, a figure that describes something. It’s up to you to interpret the message that the cards have delivered. 

Now, it’s your turn to play!

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