The Hanged Man: Avoid Making Decisions Right Now

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Discover the meaning of the Hanged Man and how the powers of this card can influence your life path and help you grow as a person.

You’ve been dealt ‘The Hanged Man’, but what can that possibly say about your future? As a symbol of stagnation, helplessness, and hesitation, this card can have positive or negative effects depending on which way it lies. The meaning of this Tarot card can be daunting and will certainly reveal some truths about your current situation, so what will it reveal for you and your situation? 

This card represents the need to suspend action in order to reflect. Even if there is a sense of urgency in the situation, this particular card indicates that this is not a good time to make a decision. Holding off on things will mean that new and possibility better opportunities will appear. On the flip side, it can also indicate that the consultant feels trapped along their path. If this is the case, the card then encourages you to discover the root cause of this feeling in order to move forward. Reflection on the situation will show you the importance of leaving the past in the past.


Powerlessness, Hesitation, Waiting, Helplessness, Stalemate

Positive Symbolism: 

Generally speaking, The Hanged Man isn’t the most beneficial card. Whilst he might initially seem content, the card symbolizes submission and obedience through the way that the man pictured has his head turned upside down. In romance, this card can propose absolute devotion to a partner or love interest. As for your career, it can urge an unrivalled passion for your work - so much so that you forget all other responsibilities.

Negative Symbolism: 

You just need to look at this card to recognize the powerlessness that it conveys. It has a tendency to place immovable obstacles in your way, which can have devastating effects on your patience and morale.

The Hanged Man's effect on your love life:

Sacrifice, Stalemate, Forfeit

Its effect on your career:

Setbacks, Dissatisfaction, Helplessness

Its effect on your finances:

Difficulties, Loss, Limitations

Article presented by Amy Thomas

Tarot expert - I’ve been passionate about Tarot ever since I was a teenager and my love for Tarot hasn’t ever gone away. Reading people’s cards and revealing what lies ahead for them is an absolute joy for me.

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