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The Most Positive Cards In The Belline Oracle

The Belline oracle is one of the most used games by clairvoyance professionals. The great strength of this oracle comes from its ability to bring a lot of details about the future of a situation. Here we explore the most positive cards of this powerful game and reveal what they mean for you and your path.

The Belline oracle is such a powerful oracle that some clairvoyants even refuse to sleep next to the game. Composed of 52 cards + 1 blue card, this game allows clairvoyants to provide consultants with lots of details.

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Want to unravel the mysteries of the Belline? Discover here the meaning of its most positive cards here.


The blue card: All positive

It brings pure positivity to the game, if the draw was already positive it will become even more so thanks to this card. If the draw was negative this card attenuates the negative side of the draw.

Blue card

Its meaning in a love draw: relationships will go from strength to strength.

Fire: Love & Desire

This card symbolizes love and desire at the same time. It is a positive card; it means that the consultant wants something and is struggling to achieve his goal.

Fire card

Its meaning in a love draw: passionate relationships, ardent exchanges.

Wisdom: Reflection & patience

It is the card of reflection, patience, moderation and analysis. It indicates that the consultant needs to calm down, reflect and settle down.


Its meaning in a love draw: We intellectualize our feelings for more lucidity. Serenity, harmony.

Happiness: An explicit card

Here is a card with a fairly explicit meaning. In the upper corner of the map is Jupiter, the planet of luck. This card therefore announces only very good things!


Its meaning in a love draw: radiance, spontaneity, a relationship full of promise.

The union: Marriage or contract to come

This card announces good things, such as a marriage or future contracts.


Its significance in a love draw: marriage, consolidation of bonds.

Fame: Glory

This card announces professional success or simply that the consultant's entourage has a good opinion of them. It is a card that comes out particularly when questions are asked: how will my situation evolve, what does he or she think of me?


Its meaning in a love draw: People hold the consultant in high esteem, it also evokes outings, meetings and joy.

Success: Luck & success

As its name suggests, this card announces luck and success in all projects.


Its meaning in a love draw: triumph of love as well as friendship.

Beauty: Blossoming

This card evokes kindness and calm. It represents beauty, femininity and love.


Its meaning in a love print: Blossoming of the relationship, new meetings and sincere feelings.

The presents: Gift to come

As its name indicates, this card announces that someone in the consultant's entourage is going to offer him a gift, a bonus, unless it is a gift of life? This card is linked to generosity and money.


Its meaning in a love draw: delicate attentions, good understanding.

Intelligence: Studies

This card is synonymous with scholarship, representing studies, contract negotiations and agreements.


Its meaning in a love draw: peace takes over through intelligence, patience.

Pleasure: Artistic

This positive map represents everything related to artistic activities. It can also mean that the consultant likes what he or she does in his or her work or otherwise. It also represents outings, joys and carnal love.


Its meaning in a love draw: When this card comes out in a love it can mean that it is only physical attraction and that there will be no future. Of course, it all depends on the cards that surround it.

Money: Financial income

This card is positive, it talks about income, professional success, generosity and common interests.


Its meaning in a love draw: family harmony, generosity in exchanges or interested relations (if the card is poorly circled).

Support: Power

The crowned eagle represents power, it can be the professional leader of the consultant or the characters who protect him. This card bears its name of support, it announces protection, luck and help.


Its meaning in a love draw: for a man: the consultant wants to protect his own, his partner, he has a sense of responsibility. For a woman: meeting with this type of man (often a well-placed man, if not protective in his own way).

The key: Important choices

This map means that the question asked is very important to the consultant. Their choices will determine a lot of things for their future or they will be forced to make a choice. This card announces that the consultant will find a solution to their problem.


Its meaning in a love draw: troubled situations will become clearer and relationships will obviously improve!

Thought/friendship: Sincere friendship

This card represents good thoughts, sincere friendship and people thinking about the consultant, good relations at work, peace of mind in finances. This card tempers the surrounding cards, "calms" the game!


Its meaning in a love draw: This card is a sign of deep and sincere attachment and loyalty. It is a very good card, it is the success of an emotional wish.

Love: Quite simply; love!

Nothing complicated for this card, it is simply a sign of love!


Its meaning in a love draw: If this card comes out to answer the question: Will I find love? The answer is clear, it remains to see the cards surrounding it to have more details... Alone, it represents the pleasure to love and to be loved!

Business: Work

This card represents the work, all sighted people will tell you, it often comes out when the consultant's question concerns his activities. In another areas it means that the person is really going to do something for their future.


Its meaning in a love draw: This card means that the consultant will really move heaven and earth to achieve his goals, whether it is to win back his ex, or to conquer the person who caught his eye. We've got some building urges.

Elevation: Promotion in sight

Here is an excellent card that announces promotion, evolution, progress, spiritual elevation and positive evolution of a situation, from the professional and material point of view, responsibilities and favored enterprises.


Its meaning in a love draw: emotional bonds seen from a more intellectual angle, if badly accompanied the card reveals a dominating aspect. Otherwise it is an excellent agreement.

Honors: Success at the social level

Honors is a success card that translates to a rather social level. It announces compliments and encouragement. Professional promotion or a distinction.


Its meaning in a love draw: This card announces that the relationship is going to become official, no more question of seeing each other on the sly... This card announces the couple's influence in society. However, beware of power relationships. With this card, pride is sometimes stronger than feelings!

The nativity: Renewal

This card is a sign of renewal, new impetus or a new encounter. It announces a birth or good financial news. The situation will become clearer.


Its meaning in a love draw: Favorable changes in your love life are coming!

Peace: Serenity

As its name suggests, this card is a sign of peace and serenity. It is a soothing sign.


Its meaning in a love draw: Agreement and indulgence. If the consultant faces disagreements in their relationship, this card announces that the situation will be settled.

Luck: Good News

This card brings good news, liberation and relief in all situations. It is a sign of providence; the consultant will encounter great opportunities that they will have to seize quickly.


Its meaning in a love draw: a breath of fresh air in the sentimental life thanks to a rapid and unexpected development.

Grace: Protection

This card is a sign of spirituality, of protection. It represents the consultant's guardian angel, their soul mate, wisdom, sensitivity and benevolence.


Its meaning in a love drawing: This card announces a solid and lasting union for a couple because the feelings are deep and sincere but above all pure!

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By Amy Thomas

Tarot expert - I’ve been passionate about Tarot ever since I was a teenager and my love for Tarot hasn’t ever gone away. Reading people’s cards and revealing what lies ahead for them is an absolute joy for me.

Tarot expert - I’ve been passionate about Tarot ever since I was a teenager and my love for Tarot hasn’t ever gone away. Reading people’s cards and revealing what lies ahead for them is an absolute joy for me.

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