It's Pisces Season, Get Ready To Dive In!

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The end of winter is here, but that doesn't mean you should stay indoors. Indeed, from February 20th to March 20th, it's Pisces season ♓. Now, this season symbolizes plenty of things; from contemplation to connecting with our inner selves, are you ready to immerse yourself in an ocean of emotions and dreams? I hope so, because a wave of mysticism and sensitivity rolls in with the opening of Pisces season.

It's Pisces Season, Get Ready To Dive In!

This month, we delve deep into ourselves!

After the Aquarius season, which pushed us toward both independence and the future, we now enter a much more introspective season. ⭐ Pisces, with its compassionate and sensitive nature, invites us to listen to our hearts. We sail in deep waters but it's worth it; it's a wonderful adventure! Yes, the end of winter gives us the opportunity to reflect and meditate on our lives, and this new season promises an emotional rebirth, where intuition and creativity are our best guides.

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Turn your vulnerability into strength 

The Pisces zodiac sign is known for its fluidity, sensitivity, and great empathy, which may seem overwhelming, but in reality, its dreamy nature is just what we need. 🌟 When seeking inner peace, Pisces' influence helps us to let go and be carried away by the current of our emotions and dreams.

Suddenly, time becomes a gently flowing river, and we learn to move with it instead of resisting it. 🧘‍♀️ We take stock of what really matters, and we discover that being vulnerable can open doors to new understandings and connections.

Pisces season

There's no rush; we learn to go with the flow of the universe, understanding that every emotion, every dream, has its place and its moment. This zodiac sign is a natural dreamer; its mind is constantly in motion. Get ready to open your heart, but always with introspection and sensitivity.

📍 Take note: March 10th is a significant date of this Pisces season. Indeed, this date signifies a great renewal. Don't panic; this Sunday will be filled with good vibes. Yes, the New Moon in Pisces, in the Pisces season, promises to open up new possibilities, dispel limiting thoughts, and envision the future in a new light.

How to fully make the most of the Pisces season?

  • Express your emotions through art

When we talk about art during Pisces season, we're talking about engaging in any form of artistic expression that allows us to explore and release our emotions 🖌️. Pisces' influence not only encourages us to appreciate art, but to be a part of it. Let your creativity flow freely without worrying about the outcome; what matters here is letting your emotions speak.

  • Listen to your intuition

Everything that resonates within you, what your inner voice tells you, or even what you see in dreams should be welcomed into your life. Indeed, Pisces, with its deep spiritual connection, teaches us to trust our intuition 🔮. This season, we learn to listen to our instincts, sensations, and hunches to guide us.

  • Cultivate empathy

Love and compassion are central themes during Pisces season. This sign, known for its empathy, invites us to open our hearts not only to others but also to ourselves 💖. It's an ideal time to practice compassion, to understand and feel what others are experiencing, and to offer unconditional love. 

  • Find peace in water

What better way to honor Pisces' energy than to connect with the element of water? 🐟✨ Whether through long relaxing baths, walks by the water, or even meditations that invite us to flow like water, this connection helps us cleanse our emotions and harmonize with nature.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Know where you're headed

Pisces season invites us to deep introspection and emotional connection, opening the doors to spiritual and creative rebirth. Take advantage of this time to embrace your sensitivity and navigate confidently in the unknown waters of your soul. If you're struggling to start with confidence and feel like you need guidance, I recommend a spiritual guidance session with one of our psychics or mediums. You'll come out of it feeling calm and confident.

- The future is mine -

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