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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Hypocrites Of All

A hypocrite is someone who preaches one thing yet does another and believe us when we say, everybody, regardless of their zodiac sign has some hypocritical tendencies. Despite trying hard to stay loyal to what we say, we all at times fall into deceitfulness, although certain star signs are in deeper than others. Which zodiac signs are the biggest hypocrites? We reveal the top 5.

No one is completely honest all the time and we all know someone who struggles with honesty way more than others. Whether at work or even in your social circle, we’ve all witnessed someone who loves to publicize their honesty get caught out for being dishonest.

5 Biggest hypocrites by zodiac sign

The zodiac signs are all have different personalities; we have sassy zodiac signs, lucky zodiac signs, honest zodiac signs and hypocritical zodiac signs. We’ve listed the top 5 biggest hypocrites of astrology. Are you in our top 5?

1) Sagittarius – Biggest hypocrite of all

Sagittarius personality is definitely the least frank of all the zodiac signs and this star sign really can be two-faced. On the whole, Sagittarians lack sincerity and are often caught out saying one thing and then doing another immediately afterwards. Their ruthless ambition pushes them into hypocrisy.  

2) Gemini – A charming hypocrite

Despite all Gemini’s apparent charm and easygoing personality, these guys are no strangers to stabbing other people in the back in an attempt to get ahead of the rest. When Gemini personality has a goal in mind, they’ll do anything and everything to achieve it, even if it means being deceitful.

3) Pisces – Well-hidden hypocrite

With their carefree personalities and love of life, Pisces personality isn’t the obvious candidate to take the hypocrisy crown; although once you dig a little deeper their hypocrisy becomes apparent. Pisces can’t help but pretend to be something they’re not to impress other people.

4) Libra – Master hypocrite

Libra personality people may appear sweet and harmless but underneath their innocent exterior hide strong hypocritical tendencies. Libra’s hate disappointing people and their need to please and to be accepted leads them to become people they aren’t.

5) Virgo – Victimized hypocrite

The Virgo personality star sign is always ready to point out other people’s flaws and weaknesses, but when they are forced to take the spotlight and someone criticizes them, they get defensive and angry. Virgo readily criticizes others but can’t accept that they themselves aren’t perfect either.


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