What Does It Mean If Your Left Hand Itches? - You'll Win Money

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When the palm of your left-hand itches, you instinctively know that something is up. Whenever you get that tingling feeling, you know that the superstition is about to kick in and that you are being sent a sign from the higher powers. But, in spiritual terms, what is this a sign of? Legend has it that the left hand itching meaning is related to money, but does that imply you’re about to win money or lose money? Susan Taylor reveals the truth about this mystical feeling.

What Does It Mean If Your Left Hand Itches? - You'll Win Money

Left hand itching meaning, you are about to receive good financial news 💰

Yep, if the palm of your left hand is itchy, good news is in store, because you are about to receive some money. When this happens, you must keep your eyes open and pay attention to everything around you, because this is the time to seize a good opportunity. Even if you are one of the unluckiest zodiac signs, you still have a shot at improving your financial situation.

Many of us believe in signs and trust in the process of the universe sending us messages. Having an itchy left hand is one of those signs... and you can bet on it being a pretty good one! Call it superstition, an old wives' tale, or childhood play rules, but on the rare occasion when your left palm itches, chances are your mind immediately thinks "money could come on me!"

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An itching hands reveal cultural differences

In the west, we believe that the left hand is for receiving and the right hand is for giving (thus for earning or losing money). In India, according to mythology, the right hand is the lucky side because it is the hand associated with the goddess of fortune. In this culture, money is always exchanged through the right hand, as it means luck and wealth in the future. Superstition in India changes completely depending on gender. When a woman's right hand itches, it alludes to bad luck with finances, but an itchy left hand for a woman means money is coming.

📍 FAQ - What is the origin of the superstition of an itchy hand? 📍

The origin of the superstition surrounding the phenomenon of the itchy hand and money is said to come from Persia. It's the most widespread and, it has to be said, the one that suits us all these days. Indeed, depending on our origins and beliefs, we tend to be influenced, but when it comes to superstitions, we're more inclined to take what's positive.

And if it is your right hand that itches, what does this mean? - It indicates you'll lose money 😨

We all know that having a hand that stings or scratches is not always pleasant. But if it is the left hand, don’t forget that it announces good news. However, if it is the right hand that itches, what does it mean? It is said that if the desire to scratch comes from the right side, it is a harbinger of bad news. Indeed, in this case, it announces the news of an upcoming loss of money. It means that we will probably have to pay a bill or have to give money back to someone close to us. Although, there is a possibility that it could be a small or large amount of money.

If it’s your left-hand that tingles, this feeling announces that money is about to come your way, however, beware when it comes to your right palm, because this sensation forecasts loss. When this happens, there is only one solution at that’s to stay at home to avoid losing money… You have been warned!

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Susan Taylor’s insights: What do you believe?

As you can see, superstition does not necessarily rhyme with reason. Depending on your beliefs, you will have a completely different interpretation. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer to give more credit to a positive meaning or to let yourself be influenced by an interpretation that could leave you in financial trouble.

- The future is mine -

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