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The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date, According To Your Horoscope Sign

One thing that becomes clear with time is that some people are just too different to get along. Whether it be due to their zodiac signs’ traits or their life experiences, the gulf in personalities can be too large between two people for a relationship to work. This can be frustrating to come to terms with when there’s a strong physical attraction, but it’s easier and quicker to call it quits early on. Discover the one zodiac sign you should never date based on your horoscope sign.

With zodiac signs personality being one of the most important deciding factors for a healthy relationship, taking a look at horoscope compatibility is the best way to get an insight into how you’ll get on when the initial magic fades. These relationship predictions aren’t to say that these zodiac combinations will never work out, but more often than not it’s a recipe for disaster. We've studied the stars and have found compatible zodiac signs that never work out...

The One Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date

With that in mind, we’re giving you the zodiac that you should never date, according to your own sign. While these signs may help to bring out other of your hidden aspects, they’re more likely to bring out negative aspects of you too. You’ll cling onto the good parts of the relationship without seeing the signs you’re in toxic relationship, only realizing the issues you have when it’s taken their toll. You can’t force a relationship when its failure is written in the stars!

Relationships can hold some of us back. Discover if your sign is one of the zodiacs who are better off single!

1. Aries

Aries needs to avoid Cancer

You want to grab life by the horns and make the most of your time here but you can’t do this with the sensitive zodiac Cancer by your side. Cancer’s meticulous and contemplative attitude to life will quickly feel like a heavy burden on your freedom. They need constant affection and love and you just don’t have time to pamper their fragile egos.

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2. Taurus

2. Taurus and Aquarius don't match

Calling you dogmatic might be a step to far, but you Taurus certainly enjoy stability and certainty in life. You like knowing where you’re heading, so sudden or unforeseen changes come as inconveniences rather than adding variety to life. Aquarius is the embodiment of change, always looking to progress and evolve, both in thought and action.

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3. Gemini

Gemini and Capricorn must avoid each other

Even if there’s a strong initial attraction there, avoid dating a Capricorn if you want to sidestep a potential relationship disaster. Gemini does best when their socializing with others and communicating their ideas and Capricorn’s workaholic mentality won’t synergize well these traits. In addition to this, Capricorns are one of the most zodiac critical signs so don’t be surprised if they snap at you when tensions get too high.

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4. Cancer

Cancer and Virgo are toxic

As a water sign, you'll inevitably go through periods where you need caring and supportive people to help you out of an emotional state. It’s pretty safe to say that Virgos aren’t the first people you look for in situation such as these. They aren’t the most empathetic people out there and tend to view life from a more critical and pessimistic perspective that will only intensify a Cancer’s fears.

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5. Leo

5. Leo and Scorpio is a no no

Leos are the types of people that need partners who are always willing to give and receive love and affection. Sadly, Scorpios aren’t the right people for this job as they can be very volatile with their emotions. At their best, these two are the ultimate power couple but the jealous and manipulative zodiac Scorpio will eventually show their distrusting side, which is often a relationship dealbreaker for Leos.

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6. Virgo

6. Virgo and Sagittarius see life too differently

You like planning ahead and analyzing situations before you make your next move but Sagittarius may have already acted before you finished deciding. You may try and keep up with their sporadic lifestyle and optimistic outlook but, sooner or later, you’ll come to terms that this just isn’t you. Sagittarius’ alternative lifestyle is a step too far for this calculated zodiac.

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7. Libra

7. Taurus is too controlling for Libra

While these two won’t immediately seem like a bad pair, this is a partnership that will negatively affect Libra, which is already one of the most insecure zodiacs. Your indecisive nature will frustrate the uncompromising Taurus who knows that they want. While you may follow Taurus’ lead for the lack of not knowing what you want, you’ll eventually come to realise that your insecurities and doubts will only intensify as time goes on.

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8. Scorpio

Aries are too assertive for Scorpio

Your energy may be infectious but Aries and Scorpio are not a sustainable relationship as there’s too much ego in the couple. These two proud zodiacs won’t back down when it comes to compromises and Aries will not be able to give you all the reassurance you deserve. Aries’ aversion to showing affection is a trait that will only encourage Scorpio to unleash their jealous and suspicious tendencies.

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9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Capricorn are a bad match

As one the most independent zodiac signs, Sagittarius needs a partner that can keep up with their whatever happens happens attitude to life and Capricorn certainly isn’t this person. Capricorn needs time to see through their plans and change is rarely a good thing for them. This couple is so incompatible that it would be a surprise if these two signs got together, as they are polar opposites.

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10. Capricorn

Capricorn and Libra CAN'T date

Libra’s need direction and you don’t have the time to cater for their cries for guidance. You have your own affairs in order and won’t be able to understand why Libras can’t handle their own issues without you. The continual questions will just feel like distractions to you as some brutal honesty may let slip when you’re feeling worked up.

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11. Aquarius

11. Pisces pushes Aquarius' buttons

These two signs are just the perfect antithesis of each other, with Aquarius and Pisces being on two completely different pages emotionally. There is no way that you’ll be able to provide Pisces with the continual attention and support they require, instead finding their emotional dependency too clingy and suffocating. You’ll end up wanting to flee their needy grasp.

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12. Pisces

Gemini gives Pisces anxiety

You’re very happy to only commit to a couple of different relationships and really strengthen them, while Gemini get their kick from connecting with as many people as possible. A relationship with a Gemini could only lead to self-doubt and negativity as their hectic social lives could leave you feeling neglected. In addition to this, Gemini’s fickle personality leave you hurting and wondering what you did wrong.

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