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These Zodiac Signs Are Compatible But Never Work Out

You checked your zodiac compatibility with them and you were supposed to have been a good match, what happened? While astrology and love compatibility is useful as a guide to predict how well you'll work, each individual and relationship is different. That said, there are some zodiac combinations with supposed good compatbility that rarely work out and we're here to cover one for each sign.

When we break down horoscope compatibility, it is effectively a prediciton of how two zodiacs will interact, in a romantic sense, based on their zodiac sign traits. While it's impossible to guarantee that every Scorpio and Cancer partnership, for example, will always work, more often than not it's a good match. That said, there do seem to be some zodiac matches which appear highly compatible on paper, but fail more often than you'd think.

These Zodiacs Look Good On Paper But Never Work Out

Finding the right partner can be difficult stuff. You don't want someone with completely different values and priorities, whilst being too similar seems like a blessing until you're both unwilling to compromise on a dealbreaker. While the following sign combinations theoretically ought to bring out the best qualities of each zodiac, these 'compatible' zodiac matches justdon't work out! 

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Too Egotistical

Aries – Leo

This is a couple which won’t be short of intensity or passion! These larger than life personalities will be ready to take life by the neck together and set the world alight. Both in thought and action, there will never be a dull moment with Leo and Aries personalities. Their reciprocated energy will empower each other to try things they’ve been to afraid to try. Unfortunately, both being such proud zodiacs, this energy often ends up being channeled into unhealthy competition which creates rifts in the relationship. With these two, affection can turn to contempt in the blink of an eye.

Too Stubborn

Sagittarius – Libra

Combining air and fire, a relationship between a Libra and a Sagittarius definitely has it’s strong points. These zodiacs bring the best of each other on an emotional level as Libra’s communicative and patient nature compliments Sagittarius’ philosophical and liberal personality. This interaction will allow both parties to contemplate on past experiences and even the depths of their emotions. The issue arises when it comes to trust, as these commitment-phobic zodiacs won’t want to make the first step. Libra fears Sagittarius will lose interest and desert her while Sagittarius finds the pressure of being their fabled other half for life overbearing and restricting.

Too Emotionally Reserved

Gemini – Aquarius

This match works so well on so many levels, for a couple of zodiacs that often find themselves feeling isolated for being so unique. Around each other Gemini and Aquarius will feel free enough to express themselves without fearing they’ll be misunderstood. Both masters of communication and filled with progressive thoughts, each zodiac will ignite the other’s imagination with their thoughts. Sadly, their communicative skills don’t extend to their emotions as both tend to run from how they’re really feeling. Both zodiacs perhaps need slightly more affectionate partners to bring out their vulnerability and the emotions that they’ve been pushing down.

Too Platonic

Virgo – Capricorn

As two of the most intelligent zodiacs and both being logical and rational thinkers, you’d expect this relationship to work well and it does for the most part. Cheating or infidelity is also something that ought not to be a worry for either as earth signs are perhaps the most loyal zodiacs overall. Crucially though, the biggest issue these two signs will have is on a sexual and romantic level. When it comes to intimacy, neither of the two are renowned for their ingenuity as their passion is often channeled into work or personal projects. While these two might achieve things together, the relationship will be more platonic than fabled romance.

Too Uncompromising

Scorpio – Taurus

These two opposite sides will definitely attract each other as the sparks will fly on sexual level, not only at the start of the relationship but throughout. Both of these signs place great importance on their home environment, which allows the typical distrusting and secretive Scorpio to led her guard down. Nonetheless, these two zodiacs are perhaps the most stubborn and jealous zodiacs of the horoscope, so expect neither of them to back down from the fight. A single argument can easily transpire into a huge disconnect between these two which ends the then toxic relationship, just because neither will swallow their pride.

Too Comfortable

Pisces – Cancer

At first glance you’d assume that this match would work perfectly between these two water signs with very similar values. They are both very emotional and sensitive zodiacs that relish the comfort of their home environment, who have all the traits to provide each other with the attention and affection they need. However, neither sign brings much energy or spontaneity to relationship so you find that the atmosphere can become a bit monotonous and even smothering. This couple can be too much of a safe pick which loses its romantic appeal after the initial excitement.

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