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Spirit Animal: Crow, What Does The Crow Represent?

Spirit animals are incredibly fascinating, especially the Crow, but what does the Crow represent? The Crow is globally associated with death, bad omens or bad news, but is there more to their meaning? Crows are often found in fictional works and are frequently portrayed as being unlucky as well as the bearers of bad news. Crows are intriguing creatures, so what are you waiting for? Let’s discover what the Crow represents and means.

If you frequently dream of black Crows, do you know what these creatures represent and how to interpret their intervention? Crows regularly leave us with a bad impression and in many cultures we believe that Crows are omens of bad luck. But, is our interpretation of the Crow correct, or is does the Crow represent something deeper? What does the Crow represent? Is your spirit animal the Crow? Here’s what you need to know!

What is a spirit animal?

A spirit animal is linked to magic and acts as a guide between two worlds. Our spirit animals reflect our personalities and their mission using their symbolism is to deliver us an important message. If you regularly see Crows, the Crow could actually be your spirit animal.

What is the symbolism for Crows?

The four most prevalent symbols of the Crow are as follows:

1. Magic

Shamanic tradition states that the Crow represents magical people. Crows are very often associated with mystery and creation, which is why they are linked to witchcraft. If you dream of Crows, your spirit animal is attempting to reveal something to you, for example a message or a hidden truth from a higher power.

2. Change

Symbol of destiny and of personal transformation, the Crow is a symbol of metamorphosis. It may sound a little grotesque, but the Crow turns the putrefying flesh into a dish of choice.

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3. Death – Are Crows a symbol of death?

As one of the top scavengers, Crows are symbols of death as well as of survival. The Crow is under no circumstances afraid of death.

4. Determination and boldness

If you repeatedly see Crows it could be that you share the same qualities. Crows are brave animals and are very adaptable creatures. Their adaptability can at times lead them to be ruthless and even eat eggs that they stumble across in nests. The Crow’s need to survive can encourage them to become manipulative and sneaky.

What does the Crow represent?

Here is the million dollar question! Knowing exactly what the Crow represents is tough but thanks to certain characteristics, we are able to establish a solid base. The Crow’s appetite and scavenging nature represents death, as well as their high intelligence and wisdom. Did you know for example that the Nordic God Odin was advised by two Crows which represented thought and memory?

In certain cultures the Crow is portrayed as a messenger. In ancient tradition, the Crow acted as a messenger between the people and the Gods.

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