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These 5 Signs Are Savage And Are The Biggest Backstabbers Of The Zodiac

It’s always hard to decipher who your fake friends are and if we knew the secret to sniffing out the backstabbers of our friendship groups, we’d definitely save ourselves a few tears. Astrology along with our zodiac personalities are great ways to figure out who you can trust and who would stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Let’s take a look at the 5 biggest backstabbers of the zodiac. Are you one of them?

Real friendship is one of the hardest things to find nowadays and we think it’s actually becoming more difficult to sift out the real friends from the savagely fake friends. From manipulative zodiac signs to demanding zodiac signs, knowing who you can and more importantly can’t trust is primordial.

Backstabbing is second nature to 5 zodiac signs

When it comes to backstabbing and betrayals, 5 zodiac signs stand out from the rest and really show their true colors. These 5 zodiac signs are totally savage and have absolutely no loyalty to their friends. How much of a backstabber are you? Does your zodiac sign make our top 5?

1) Aries

Huge backstabber

Aries claims to be a loyal zodiac sign but their actions are sometimes very questionable. The Aries personality seems friendly enough but doesn’t hang about when they spot an opportunity to get ahead, even if it means betraying their best friends.

2) Gemini

Gemini aren’t always loyal

The Gemini personality is definitely one everyone needs to watch out for. (Sorry Gemini) Gemini people are accomplished actors and have no trouble acting like your best friend one week and turning their backs on you the next.

3) Leo

Leos are complete opportunists

It’s not that Leos are mean, but they are in fact very fickle and can have their heads turned easily. The Leo personality is determined and wants to climb to the top which is why when a good thing comes their way, they won’t hold back on ditching their friends.

4) Scorpio

Scorpio is totally savage

With such an unpredictable and mysterious personality it’s hard to anticipate what Scorpio could do, although when it comes to friendship, don’t count on their loyalty. Scorpio is way too ambitious to put their friendships and other people’s feelings first.

5) Pisces

Fake friends

Pisces is that friend who will stab you in the back all whilst smiling at you. Pisces is one of the most superficial and shallow zodiac signs which explains why they pretend to be your good friend, although in reality they are looking for ways to crush you.

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Gemini - very true: a co-worker was quick to lie & then deny when caught red-handed. Always defended her excessive talking over others; reviewed her poorly written emails to supervisors & suggested edits; never betrayed her confidences.... Yet, to save face, she decided it was better to betray than be honest.

to be honest, everything on this list sounded legit except the Leo part,i have known many Leos before and never have i ever felt like they are opportunist

Well I used to aries now I age been turned to Pisces because of the new 13 zodiac sign check ur new zodiac sign dates guys and I must say I do like Backstabbing

Yup, I had a coworker like that!

I had a former friend like that :D


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