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Zodiac Traits: These Are The 4 Most Immature Zodiac Signs

'You are so immature' is a phrase we’ve all heard at one point or another, but is it really justified? The 12 zodiac signs all have a different level of maturity when it comes to facing life problems, which is why we’ve unveiled the zodiac characteristics of the 4 most immature zodiac signs. Are you one of the most immature zodiac signs? Read on to find out how immature your zodiac sign is and if your sign is in the top 4!

Growing up is a tough task and let’s be honest, not all of the zodiac signs succeed. Living in real world and having to make appointments for yourself, pay bills, cook and clean all whilst holding down and steady job can get a little too much for some zodiac signs.

What is emotional immaturity?

Emotional immaturity is defined as people who daydream, have their head in the clouds, are too emotionally sensitive, have a hard time committing to a romantic relationship or a professional assignment may be immature. Does this sound like your zodiac sign? We've ranked the zodiac signs by maturity. Discover what position your horoscope sign finishes in!

The most immature zodiac signs

By the way, these zodiacs really don't know how to be mature and haven't quite grown up just yet. That's not to say that all hope is lost on these 4 horoscope signs. Perhaps one day they'll find the key and realize they need to grow up and live likes adults.

1. Aries traits 

The Aries personality is capable of throwing a huge temper tantrum, just like a child does when things don’t go their way. Impulsive and quick-tempered, Aries has a hard time controlling any outbursts, which is why this sign often qualifies as an immature person. Aries friends, you lack perspective, so learn how to channel your emotions. Don’t let your zodiac anger lead the way and life will be much smoother.

 reaction emotions emotion tantrum temper tantrum GIF

2. Gemini traits

The Gemini personality is naturally very ethereal: nothing’s ever too serious and everything amuses a Gemini. This horoscope sign conserves a lovely youthful spirit that lasts a lifetime, and it’s the same carefree and fickle side that has others judging Gemini as someone who’s sometimes immature.


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3. Cancer traits

The Cancer personality is a very childlike sign and is the master of tantrums! When a Cancer can’t have what they want, or if someone disagrees with them, Cancer is known to sulk or blackmail others. These childlike reactions often cause them to be accused of being immature by colleagues or their partners…

 kpop baby k-pop tvxq dbsk GIF

4. Pisces traits

The Pisces personality lives in their own little immature bubble, which can sometimes seem to separate them from reality. A Pisces lacks perspective and is guided by their emotions. If something doesn’t go their way, Pisces will often have childlike reactions or retaliate in anger. 

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