The Judgement: The Journey To Self-Discovery

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The meaning of the Judgement Tarot card is very motivational and gives you the strength to learn more about yourself. Discover how it can impact your path.

You’ve been dealt ‘The Judgement’, but what can that possibly say about your future? As a symbol of rebirth, change, and liberation, this card can have positive or negative effects depending on its drawing method. The meaning of this Tarot card is powerful and plays an essential part in your journey to discovering who you are. As an emotional healing card, it indicates that the past is well and truly behind us, that forgiveness has been given or received and that it is possible to move forward without being caught up or consumed by the past. Learn what it implicates for you. 

The Judgment appears in a spread to illustrate the consultant's journey and life mission. More than a new beginning, the Judgment represents all aspects of life, including experiences that "crystallize" and form a whole, anchored and authentic personality. This card is a healer and indicates that the past is well and truly behind us and that forgiveness has been granted. This Tarot card indicates that the consultant is dreaming of new desires and projects. These desires haven't appeared "on a whim", they have always been there. The deepest desires will see the consultant feel whole and complete. Just as if they have found their true identity.


Rebirth, Change, Liberation, Revival, Promotion

Positive Symbolism:

The Judgement is a card that evokes images of the biblical ‘Last Judgement’ and Jesus’ resurrection. As a result, it symbolizes the act of rediscovering yourself and becoming aware of who you are once more. In your love life, it can announce a positive change to your love life, whereas professionally, a favorable outcome should be expected from a long-term project.

Negative Symbolism: 

When badly oriented, it risks knocking your objectivity and sense of realism. In some cases, this card can bring up a whole load of challenges and disruptive elements that can bring your love life, career, or finance to a complete halt.

The Judgement's influence on your love life:

Speed, New encounters, Positive growth

Its effect on your career:

Independence, Unforeseen positives, Achievement

Its effect on your finances:

Unexpected returns, Luck, Fortune

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