The High Priestess: Uncertainty, Stress And Doubts

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The meaning of the High Priestess can bring with it lots of doubt and uncertainty, but it will push you towards your goals. Discover its meaning here.

You’ve been dealt ‘The High Priestess’, but what can that possibly say about your future? As a symbol of concentration, mystery, and introspection, this card can have positive or negative effects depending on which way up it faces. This card can be a symbol of uncertainty, but its powers will push you towards your desired life path. How does the meaning of this Tarot card influence your life? In a deck, this card represents the link with the unconscious mind and our dreams. 

When this card appears, it's important to pay attention to its signs and listen to your Intuition. Current problems or future difficulties will not be solved by logic or reflection... it's time for the Consultant to listen to his intimate wisdom. It can also symbolize the unknown and change. It has the power to make things seem very uncertain and unsteady. Likewise, it could even reveal certain mysteries or secrets. Its goal is to help align you with your desired life path and ambitions.


Introspection, Secrecy, Concentration, Intuition, Mystery, Patience

Positive Symbolism:

Motionless and mysterious, The High Priestess preserves her secrets and confides in no one. It’s a card that urges observation over action, and introspection over expansion. In romance, it has a tendency to symbolize hidden relationships and concealed feelings. As for your career, this card supports calmness and logic, and so you’ll tackle your projects with a cool-headed approach.

Negative Symbolism:

Whilst this card promotes calm and considered tactics, this can be taken to the extreme, and you’ll soon find yourself grinding to a complete standstill.

The High Priestess's impact on your love life:

Patience, Moderation, Pregnancy and birth

Its effect on your career:

Studies, Education, Growth

Effect on your finances:

Good management, Balance, Attention

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