The Chariot: A Step Towards Deeper Spirituality

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The Chariot Tarot card brings with it great life lessons that will help us discover who we are and what we truly desire. Discover its meaning and influence here

You’ve been dealt ‘The Chariot’, but what can that possibly say about your future? As a symbol of evolution and success, this card can have positive or negative effects depending on how it is selected from its deck. The meaning of this Tarot card is very signification and will help you begin your journey of spiritual discovery. Discover how this card and its powers can influence your life positively. This card represents an important lesson in your spiritual journey and personal development. It encourages you to reflect and imagine the life path you desire. Once you've fixed your objectives, it will urge you to act on your dreams and share them with the rest of the world. With it, things progress, because it gives you control over the situation, as well as the confidence you need to move forward with confidence. The past holds us back, yet here we need to look ahead and move forward with conviction.


Luck, Success, Gain, Fresh starts, Evolution

Positive Symbolism:

Depicted with an air of triumph, it’s clear to see on The Chariot card that the doubts of yesterday are a distance memory. In romance, it signals that uncertainties and instability are set to come to an end, and will be replaced by golden times. As for your career, expect nothing but success, as you’re almost certainly on the path to a better future.

Negative Symbolism:

If badly oriented, this card can lead to you becoming overconfident, and you could end up making poor decisions as a consequence.

The Chariot's influence on your love life:

Adventure, Conquests, Difficult choices, Chance encounters

Its effect on your career:

Success, Achievement, Advances

Its impact on your finances:

Wealth, Gains, Triumph

Article presented by Amy Thomas

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