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What if at the time of our death, our souls left our bodies to go and live in on within someone else? Well, reincarnation is founded on this principle and is one of the oldest beliefs. Its traces can be found in many religions and philosophies dating back to antiquity. Although, it has always seemed difficult for people to imagine that their spirit goes on to live following their physical death.

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What is reincarnation?

Based on the principle that we are all formed of matter and spirit, reincarnation means that a part of our being; the spiritual part, also known as the soul or consciousness, survives the death of the physical body. According to the laws of karma, our soul will then pass into different bodies. Indeed, for some, the reincarnation will be in a more or less noble body, depending on whether our actions were positive or negative. The process of reincarnation will stop only if we find the way to alleviate our karma throughout our different lives.

What are the origins of the concept?

We find descriptions of reincarnation dating back centuries, notably among the Greeks: Pythagoras, Empedocles, Plato or in ancient Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa. It is at the heart of many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism or certain African tribal religions. However, it is not mentioned in the Bible, since it is opposed to the belief in resurrection (of the flesh), which means that after a passage from the world of the dead to that of the living, the same body is preserved. The idea does not exist in Islam either.

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The work of Ian Stevenson

Today, no concrete proof attests to the existence of reincarnation. Although, Canadian psychiatrist Ian Stevenson is known to have worked on this subject, but according to his own admission, he has never been able to prove that reincarnation exists. His work is based on testimonies of young children who claim to have memories of a previous life. "One of his translators in India, H.N. Banerjee, a doctor in the Department of Parapsychology at the University of Rajasthan (en), coined the term "extra-brain memory" to designate memories (real or supposed) of past lives, insofar as these memories cannot be logically connected to the brain of the subject who claims to have them, or are connected to the brain of a deceased person." *

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Is it possible to have lived previous lives?

Since reincarnation is a widely held belief, it is natural to wonder if you have ever been reincarnated. You can of course have an intuition about it and in fact, the advanced practice of meditation can bring you some answers. If you really want to find out, you can also go to a hypnotherapist about this and there are also signs that prove that you have been reincarnated. In any case, don't hesitate to dig into the subject, because it is quite normal to look for a meaning to one's life.

What do metempsychosis and metensomatosis mean?

When we look at the subject of reincarnation, we see the idea of metensomatosis and metempsychosis. Metensomatosis is notably present among Buddhists. It is the passage of a body to another body and not a soul that passes from one body to another. If we find metensomatosis in Buddhism, it is because they do not believe in the existence of the soul. Concerning metempsychosis, it is the belief that the soul can animate a human body, but also a non-human body, such as an animal or a plant. It is a belief found in Hinduism and implies a deep respect for all forms of life, including animals. As for determining if reincarnation into another human being, animal or vegetable exists, this depends on the life we have lived and our sins. It can also be put down to chance or sympathy too, although in reality, it all depends on our beliefs.

How long does it take to be reincarnated?

Obviously, it is difficult to answer this question precisely, because the time of reincarnation is very variable. Someone who suffered an accidental death will be reincarnated more quickly than a person who has had time to develop their consciousness. The time between two reincarnations also depends on the value of the soul. The latter must return when the conditions are favorable to relieve the karma. Here, we are talking about a few years, to a few hundred years.

What is karmic astrology?

Astrology can give you information about your past life. In astrology, karmic destiny corresponds to the position of the lunar nodes. That is, the intersection between the path of the Moon and the position of the Sun at the time of your birth. The way you have lived your past lives can guide and direct your future. Therefore, take note of the position of the North and South Lunar Nodes on your natal chart. You can get help from an astrologer to read and interpret your birth chart.

*Source: wikipédia - H. N. Banerjee, Will Oursler, Lives Unlimited. Reincarnation East and West, Doubleday, 1974, p. 24

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