The Virtues And Properties Of Red Jasper; The Stone Of Fertility

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Red Jasper is very well known throughout the world and certainly very interesting when it comes to lithotherapy. Indeed, it is a relatively common stone, of volcanic or sedimentary origin, that was already used in prehistoric times to make weapons. Its virtues are however recognized, and its powers are influential... Susan Taylor reveals the history, properties and composition of this precious gemstone.

This stone is present on all the continents and has never ceased to inspire civilizations. It must be said that its warm, mysterious and its bewitching color is probably not for nothing. The legend of red jasper was created around its positive virtues that we suggest you discover.

Red jasper



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Silicon dioxide

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The origins of the red jasper stone: The blood of Christ

Legend has it that the red jasper would come from the blood of Christ, which would have flowed during his crucifixion. This is the reason why, in the Middle Ages, it will be the "stone of the martyrs" and will be used to engrave in the churches the scenes relating the episodes of the gospel.

Red jasper

Found throughout the world, it is also used in jewelry by the Japanese and Chinese and as an amulet by the American Indians and the ancient Egyptians.

The effects of red jasper in lithotherapy

Red jasper is a very positive stone. It is recommended to always have this stone with you to benefit from its powers. It is suggested to have this stone with you at all times to benefit from its powers, either in a necklace of jasper pearls, a pendant or a bracelet to have it directly in contact with the skin.

Virtues on the emotional psyche

  • To advance more serenely in the life
  • Sense of security and confidence in life
  • Helps to live in the present moment and to assert oneself
  • Reassures those who are afraid of the unknown and of death

Benefits on the physical aspect

  • Brings more vitality
  • Fights bad blood circulation, especially heavy legs
  • Energizes the sexual organs
  • Promotes gynecological well-being
  • Gives rise to sexual desire and brings more pleasure during sexual relations
  • Promotes transit by acting directly on the liver, pancreas, spleen and stomach

Red jasper and pregnancy

Due to its power on the genital organs, especially the female one, in lithotherapy, red jasper is recognized as having virtues during pregnancy. Indeed, this stone favors fertility by acting on the stimulation and balance of the reproductive organs. It also regulates the hormonal system after a miscarriage or an abortion. Once pregnant, red jasper helps to calm nausea, then promotes childbirth, reduces bleeding and helps heal during the postpartum period.

Red jasper pregnancy

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Good to know:

When placed in a room, against a door, on a window or at the foot of the bed, jasper will bring positive vibes.

Recharging and purification of red jasper

To purify your red jasper stone when it has given all its energy, you can soak it in salted and demineralized water, preferably warm. Or expose it to sunlight for two or three hours on a rock crystal.

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