11 Lucky Charms To Keep An Eye Out For

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From four-leaf clovers, a rabbit's foot, to horseshoes, you most certainly know which objects are supposed to bring luck when they are found. Although, you may be less familiar with the omens of luck that Mother Nature blesses us with. You may be in for a surprise because ladybugs, swallows, butterflies and even hazelnut trees bring about good luck. That being said, you have to know how to decipher their secrets...


Some people say that you have to believe in your luck in order for it to shine through, even if it means sometimes provoking it... In other words, to be lucky, one should first believe in it and not let it escape. What if fate actually sent us signals without you being able to decipher them? Discover the various omens of luck to not let her escape!

The origins of the word "luck"

The word luck takes its name from the Latin "Cadentia" which means "things that fall together and that happen." Luck and bad luck are therefore closely linked.

Phenomenons of nature have always been interpreted and considered as heralding happy or unhappy events. If today the druids and soothsayers have disappeared, certain omens are well anchored in our collective memory, so here is an overview of our favorite lucky charms.

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"There is no such thing as luck, what you call luck is attention to detail.

- Winston Churchill

11 Lucky charms that bring happiness

Be alert, if you cross one of these 12 omens it means that luck is on its way...

Four-leaf clover

Finding a 4-leaf clover announces very good news!

1. Four-leaf clover: Prosperity

It is exceptional since, as its name indicates, clover is usually composed of 3 leaves. It announces fortune, prosperity or a money income. If you find one, it's time to play the lottery!

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2. Finding a hazelnut tree on your path: Happy marriage

The hazelnut tree is a sign of wealth, fertility and happy marriage; so open your eyes wide when you go for a walk. Among the Celts, it was even considered a magic tree.

3. Walking in the rain: Happiness

Sign of happiness, fullness and fertility so run outside at the next rainfall!

4. Finding a source: Healing

If you come face to face with a spring at the bend in the road, know that it is a sign of healing if you have health problems or a sign of a change in your life.

5. Rainbow: Reconciliation

After the rain comes the good weather, it is a sign of alliance, union, marriage or reconciliation.

6. The swallow: Good news

If one comes into your home twirling around it is a sign of good news or a birth.

7. Ladybug: Several months of luck

If one lands on your hand, it announces several months of luck which are calculated according to the number of spots present on its back. (5 spots = 5 months of luck!)

And attention according to the finger from which it takes off, it announces different things, if it takes off:

  • On the pinkie: Good news
  • On the ring finger: A marriage proposal
  • On the middle finger: A good idea that will come to you
  • On the index: Positive decisions
  • On thumb: Passion


The number of spots a ladybug has on her back announces the number of months of happiness to come.

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8. Sheep: Love

If you cross a herd it announces happiness in love.

9. Frogs: Passion

Hearing the frogs' sing is a sign of fertility or passion for love.

10. Horseshoe: Luck & wealth

Sign of luck and wealth to come.

11. Nail: Success

If you find a nail, pick it up and keep it preciously with you, it helps you succeed.

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