It's Cancer Season - Are You Ready For A Dose Of Sweetness!

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During Cancer season, which unfolds between June 21st and July 22nd, we are enveloped in a cosmic embrace that stirs our deepest longings for comfort, connection, and belonging. It is a time when the nurturing energy of the mother archetype flourishes, encouraging us to tend to our inner gardens with tenderness and care.

It's Cancer Season - Are You Ready For A Dose Of Sweetness!

It's Cancer season, let's slow down and take things easy

Cancer season opens at the same time as the summer solstice and Litha Sabbat. It's an opportunity to turn the page and embrace everything that summer has in store for us. You know that moment when time seems to stretch, when conviviality is paramount, and when the light and warmth of the sun enhance our days, soothe our tensions, and awaken our desires. Well, with Cancer, we settle in an atmosphere of relaxation, in a carefree climate, surrounded by the presence and tenderness of those we love 🥰.

Let's remember that Cancer wears a shell, so it doesn't open easily. Under its influence, we won't rush and declare our feelings hastily and at every turn ❤️‍🔥, but when it comes to cooing, there will be plenty of that. Because that's exactly what Cancer makes us want: tender moments in the shade of an umbrella, shared naps on warm grass, but only with our (very) close ones. Forget about encounters, that will come later. During this month, we focus on our core.

🗓️ Cancer personality season spans from June 21 to July 22.

The enchanted interlude

Emotions, imagination, and protection. These are the three words that best characterize Cancer season. We're right there, in an enchanted interlude that encompasses everything the interlude represents: pause, breathing, and safety. Imagine the two arcs of this interlude as welcoming, comforting, and reassuring arms. Cancer season offers us a space that allows us to both slow down and get closer to those with whom we feel safe. The idea of a protective home and security is very present in this sign. That's why most astrological signs will be less inclined to turn outward.

While the opening season invites introspection and returning home, mentally, we escape. Cancer invites daydreaming, imagination, and creation. We think, we get inspired, ideas flourish, and eventually, we may take action, but only eventually. Yes, let's remember it's summer, and while Cancer unleashes our imagination and creativity, projects can wait a bit. In the meantime, it's dolce vita in the arms of whoever pleases you!

The program to align with Cancer energies

Cancer season is an opportunity to bring sweetness into our lives. Here's a program that should help all zodiac signs get into the mood:

1) Strengthening bonds

With our family or friends, and actually with all those who are close to us and with whom we feel good. The idea here is that under the influence of Cancer, we need to feel loved, trusted, and secure. So, we'll get closer to those who bring us the greatest joy and carefully avoid the others... 😬

2) Connecting with our emotions

If Cancer reveals its emotions sparingly and hides them behind its shell, it's because it feels everything very intensely and wants to avoid excessive pain. Therefore, during this period, all astrological signs might be a bit overwhelmed by a wave of emotions 🌊. There's no point in running away to avoid them; it's best to let the wave wash over us and simply welcome the emotions that arise without excess.

3) Embracing our needs

Craving a hug, a massage, a nap, or time for yourself? Don't hesitate to indulge in your desires! Cancer brings a touch of sweetness into our lives. So, speak up loudly about what you want. You may not get everything, but it feels good to express it.

4) Cleansing our cocoon

This season brings a return to home. It's time to focus on our living space and remove anything that is detrimental and carries negative energies. Without pressure or guilt, we let go of everything that emotionally burdens us.

5) Unleashing our imagination

Dare! The best way to be creative, have ideas, and think differently is to dare to do things differently or in another way, and this season is the perfect time to do it.

🌕 The Moon rules the Cancer sign, so you can also take advantage of this period to fulfill your Full Moon wishes.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Focus on your projects

What if you took advantage of this period of self-reflection and Cancer's energies to seek spiritual guidance and finally let go of your doubts? Don't hesitate to turn to one of our psychics, who can enlighten you and provide you with a vision of your future and the keys to move forward more serenely.

- The future is mine -

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Cancer personality

Cancer personality

All about the Cancer personality 

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