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Do You Have What it Takes to be in Charge?

Have you noticed that some people have a natural authority about them, whereas others struggle to make themselves heard? Are you able to give instructions? What about your boss, are they capable of leading a team? Our experts reveal which zodiac signs make great bosses and which ones don't! Get ready to pass this article around the office!

Some people seem as if they were born to lead. They are comfortable giving instructions, and by simply opening their mouths and raising their eyebrows, people listen to them. So what is their secret?

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For our experts, it’s the stars which determine whether or not people are born to lead. Check out the ranking of the best bosses.   

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The 5 best bosses by star sign:


Leos make hands down the best bosses and often lead with their hearts. They are naturally authoritative people and are great team influencers. Unlike others who rule with an iron fist, Leos need to feel liked and will do everything possible to please their staff and business partners. If your boss is a Leo, you’ll definitely get on well with them and never question their authority.


Aries make for army like bosses, with their endless enthusiasm and determination, Aries’ don’t shy away from hard work and command respect from their team. With Aries’, it is really is all or nothing, if people like them they’ll follow their lead, but if not they won't, and an Aries won’t be too bothered. Being popular isn’t important for Aries’, they prefer focusing on moving up in the world and stepping on other people’s toes in order to do so, doesn’t pose them any problems.


Sagittarius’ are known as happy bosses. They are always in a good mood and optimistic, meaning people listen to them despite their lack of natural authority. In the eyes of a Sagittarius, everything is possible, they are very good when it comes to motivating their team and are happy to share the fruits of their hard work when the results are successful.


Scorpios are certainly impressive, they love authority, power and pulling the strings. In the office, they are known as the lord of the dance. Scorpios make excellent bosses because their intuition and determination is incontestable, however, they are not above using dishonorable methods in order to meet their targets…


Capricorns make for hardnosed, inflexible bosses, they are ruthless and unstoppable in the office. What’s admirable about them is the fact that they are not scared to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand if need be. Their problem is that their work ethic is often a lot higher than that of their staff.

Bonus: The worst possible bosses

These star signs are totally incapable of leading a team of people.


Cancers are too emotional and childlike to run a team of people, they are known for their meltdowns and are easily offended when a problem arises and they feel accused.


Virgos are easily caught up and swept away in the tide of details and often waste lots of time because of their intense attention to detail. Virgos often lack self-confidence and are at times awkward and uncomfortable when giving instructions.


Pisces’ bosses risk jumping overboard when they are overloaded with work. They aren’t comfortable with taking on responsibilities and they don’t deal with stress very effectively, meaning they tend to put things off until the last minute, which is risky in the business world! Pisces’ are easily influenced by business partners and with so many opinions flying around, they are at times unable to make decisions. Pisces’ give contradictory instructions and lack authority.


Libras struggle to take the reins and their number one priority is to keep everybody happy. They are too diplomatic and are unable to put their point across and make important decisions when need be. On the other hand, Libras make great mediators, but they should probably pass up on a directive position!

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