Pisces Facts: Get To Know Them On A Deeper Level

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People often say that you leave the best for last, and there is no clearer example of than that of Pisces. Rounding up the water signs, this creative and deeply sensitive personality is arguably the most emotionally in-tune of all the zodiacs, but that doesn’t mean they are the complete pushovers that people claim they are. To dispel some common misconceptions about them, here are 15 facts that will help you piece together their character jigsaw.

The Pisces personality is the twelfth sign, meaning it is said to have inherited many of the preceding signs' traits; making for a very interesting concoction of qualities and flaws. Its ruling planet is Neptune, which is said to bestow natives of this sign with artistic abilities, creativity and even enhanced spirituality. To get the best out of this horoscope sign, both professionally and emotionally, they need to feel safe enough in their environment to fully express themselves without the fear of criticism.

What is this zodiac sign really like?

Known for being a highly touchy and feeble, natives of this sign are often categorized as weak and futile; although we happen to disagree. Anyone close to one will know and testify that they aren’t hot messes, but instead just caring people who look to inspire confidence and creativity in those around them.

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  • 1) Fly high!

    Natives of this sign like to help people

    While other signs may try to assert their dominance over you by putting you down and just being egotistical in general, natives of this sign always seek to uplift their friends by focusing on their talents not flaws.

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also I am not a emotional person I'm rather joyfull

Thats an emotional responce

I am a pisces but I don't think its hard for me to feel good about myself so I disagree with that! but the rest I totally agree with.

I know these comments are old but I've just discovered my true birth sign, (Pisces) and the one talking about being alone was more geared to it talking about Us ending up alone with no significant other in the end. Which Honestly is my biggest fear.

I totally agree, don't take my kindness for my weakness!!!

Gonna have to disagree about them hating to be alone. Pisces have a rep for needing to be alone. Maybe not forever, of course. But there is hardly any such thing as a Pisces that hates solitude, if anything it’s a necessity.

I’m a Pisces and I’m actually not scared at all for ending up all alone but that is probably just me being weird, it’s not that I don’t like being with people but I just like being alone more then spending time with others.


I disagree, as a pisces I never want to be alone. Being alone makes me feel sad and depressed. I want to be around others to make them feel good about themselves.

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