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Pisces Facts: Get To Know Them On A Deeper Level

People often say that you leave the best for last and there is no clearer example of than that of Pisces. Rounding up the water signs, this creative and deeply sensitive personality is arguably the most emotionally in-tune of all the zodiacs, but that doesn’t mean they are the complete pushovers that people claim they are. To dispel some common misconceptions about them, here are 15 facts that will help you piece together their character jigsaw.

The Pisces personality is the twelfth sign, meaning it is said to have inherited many of the preceding signs' traits; making for a very interesting concotion of qualities and flaws. Its ruling planet is Neptune, which is said to bestow natives of this sign with artistic abilities, creativity and even enhanced spirituality. To get the best out of a this horoscope sign, both professionally and emotionally, they need to feel safe enough in their environment to fully express themselves without the fear of criticism.

What is this zodiac sign really like?

Known for being a highly touchy and feeble, natives of this sign are often categorized as weak and futile; although we happen to disagree. Anyone close to one will know and testify that they aren’t hot messes, but instead just caring people who look to inspire confidence and creativity in those around them.

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1) Fly high!

Natives of this sign like to help people

While other signs may try to assert their dominance over you by putting you down and just being egotistical in general, natives of this sign always seek to uplift their friends by focusing on their talents not flaws.

2) Keep it real

They never judge people

When it comes to evaluating people, status and appearance are never pressing considerations for the last zodiac sign. Most definitely one of the least superficial zodiac signs, this zodiac will always take the time to get know someone’s personality before coming to any judgement on them.

3) Down to earth

They make for a great shoulder to cry on

While people born under this sign possess intelligence across the board, emotional intelligence is an area in which they really thrive. They instinctively can read the emotions of others and act accordingly. When in doubt, they go with their gut and usually find good results

4) Sincerity

You can always rely on one

As such approachable and accepting people, they naturally tend to attract friends over time. While they may have a large network, having dependable and sincere friendships is their priority. Their social reputation is a just superficial idea that hardly concerns them. Plus, Pisces is officially one of the best listeners by zodiac sign.

5) Ball of emotions

They suffer from extreme mood swings

For all the hyperbole surrounding this aspect of the personality, it would simply be untrue to deny that these people are highly emotional. The times where this is most visible comes at moments of euphoria or sorrow. With this zodiac, both the highs and the lows are felt harder.

6) Real connections

They love creating deep connections

Another remarkable observation of this zodiac is that they seem to be the most spiritual zodiac of all. Many people report feeling like they’ve known a Pisces for lifetime, whilst in actuality the friendship has only last two months. Their ability to create such profound relationships is uncanny.

7) Positive

Pisces is always happy

In terms of selflessness and giving, Pisces is unrivalled. Most of us get so caught up in our own needs and desires that we often forget to consider the situations of our neighbors. Making other people happy is how they find happiness within themselves - a highly rare commodity

8) Laidback

These natives are low maintenance

As people that give so much in a relationship, you might expect that they ask for something in return. Nope. All they ask in return is that you show compassion and remain sincere with them

9) Talented

They make great artists

One of the abilities that Neptune bestows upon its followers is enhanced artistic and musical talents. Their ability to find connections where others see none helps them create expressive and progressive work. They charge their creations with their feelings, almost cathartically, and this seems to resonate with people.

10) Aim high

They are big dreamers

Renowned as the dreamers of the zodiac, these folks admittedly get lost in its own imagination so easily that you’d think it’s as natural as breathing. In times of solitude or relaxation, they will just ease off into their own dreamland where they could be lost for hours.

11) Lack of confidence

They aren't always confident

Perhaps the biggest downside to their creative and resourceful minds is their tendency to become anxious and critical during periods of insecurity. One negative thought can be all it takes to send them into a universe of negativity, self-doubt and self-pity.

12) Hate being alone

Solitude scares them

Of their worries, a Pisces’ most terrifying fear is ending up alone. They are not people who fare well in their own solitude and finding true love plays a central role in their vivid imaginations. Meaningful relationships are everything to this sign, so winding up alone is their worst-possible scenario.

13) True lovers

They dream of fairytale romance

When it comes to finding that special partner, classical romance is the cherry on the cake for this water sign. While it isn’t a necessity, sweeping gestures of love and affection go a long way with this zodiac. It makes it easier for them to know that they are special and wanted.

14) Endless love

They will love their partner forever

When they fall in love, they fall hard – it’s all in or nothing. For the right person, these folks will devote all their energy and time into the relationship to ensure that it’s the best it could be. Besides, this has what they’ve been dreaming of all their life!

15) Winners

They have a competitive streak

Just because this is a considerate and friendly zodiac sign, it doesn't mean that they're pushovers of any sort. When a challenge presents itself, you best believe that they won't back down. While they may not give you any trash talk before, you'll be in for a surprise if you under-estimate their desire to win.

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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also I am not a emotional person I'm rather joyfull

Thats an emotional responce

I am a pisces but I don't think its hard for me to feel good about myself so I disagree with that! but the rest I totally agree with.

I know these comments are old but I've just discovered my true birth sign, (Pisces) and the one talking about being alone was more geared to it talking about Us ending up alone with no significant other in the end. Which Honestly is my biggest fear.

I totally agree, don't take my kindness for my weakness!!!

Gonna have to disagree about them hating to be alone. Pisces have a rep for needing to be alone. Maybe not forever, of course. But there is hardly any such thing as a Pisces that hates solitude, if anything it’s a necessity.

I’m a Pisces and I’m actually not scared at all for ending up all alone but that is probably just me being weird, it’s not that I don’t like being with people but I just like being alone more then spending time with others.


I disagree, as a pisces I never want to be alone. Being alone makes me feel sad and depressed. I want to be around others to make them feel good about themselves.


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