How To Stay In Control Of Your Budget With Astrofame

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When you are considering a psychic consultation, it can sometimes raise concerns, especially when it comes to your finances. Do you want to try a psychic reading to get answers to your questions, but are afraid of it costing you a fortune? Well, if that’s the case, don't panic, because with Astrofame, we've thought of everything so you can make the most of your consultation without constantly worrying about your budget.

How To Stay In Control Of Your Budget With Astrofame

How much does a psychic consultation cost?

The average price of a psychic consultation is $50, but note that this price varies depending on the duration of your consultation. However, you can define the price of your consultation in advance to manage your budget more accurately.

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Why should Astrofame be your first choice for psychic readings?

Astrofame offers remote consultations in various forms (phone, chat, video, or voice message) with experts who can guide you towards a more fulfilling path. Check out our psychic FAQ for more insights.

1) Expertise and diversity of advisors

One of Astrofame’s main advantages is the rigor with which we select our experts. 🤓 We give you access to professionals in various fields of psychic readings. This richness and diversity of expertise are rarely matched on other platforms. Whether you seek answers in tarot, astrology, mediumship, or any other esoteric field, you are sure to find a qualified expert to help you.

2) Transparent evaluations

On Wengo, it's important to choose an expert you trust. That's why we've established a comprehensive and transparent evaluation system by clients. You can read the feedback from other users to choose an expert who best meets your expectations and needs. Read more about our client reviews here.

Astrofame's Customer Reviews:

Jessica M. - ★★★★★

Reason for consulting: Seeking soulmate

"Incredibly accurate and insightful."

Mark D. - ★★★★★

Reason for consulting: Relationship issues

"Life-changing advice."

Elena K. - ★★★★★

Reason for consulting: Rekindling a romance

"Spot-on insights gave me courage."

Alex J. - ★★★★☆

Reason for consulting: Financial advice

"It helped me make investment choices."

3) Privacy and confidentiality

Your psychic consultations are private moments, and we are committed to respecting that. 🤫 We have implemented strict measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your consultations and exchanges. You can confide in our experts with confidence, without fearing that your information will be shared.

4) Ease of use and accessibility

The Astrofame platform is designed to be easy to use. Our intuitive user interface and flexible consultation options (phone, chat, video) allow you to easily access psychic consultations, regardless of your preferences or schedule.

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Our tools to manage your budget

A psychic consultation is a privileged moment between the psychic and their client. During your exchange, our psychics will reveal to you what they perceive for your future and will accurately answer your questions. For a quality consultation, it's important to put yourself in the best possible conditions, and what could be more stressful than watching the minutes go by? That's why we have implemented several tools to allow you to control your expenses at any time. No more stressing about watching the minutes go by! Check out our reading minutes plans here.

Can I consult without breaking the bank? Of course! 

To allow you to consult without breaking the bank, we have developed several tools specifically designed to help you manage your expenses:

1) Astrofame wallet 👛

With this digital wallet, you can top it up with your credit card or other payment methods like PayPal. It's the ideal option if you want to have total control over your consultation budget. Additionally, the Astrofame wallet is where you receive your gift vouchers and where you can find your consultations when you purchase a box. 

👉 And the great thing is, with the Astrofame packages, you can also manage your budget. Yes, a box is 15 minutes of consultation for $29.90, instead of $53. Bonus: it’s impossible to go over, the consultation ends once the time is up!

2) The slider

With this innovative tool, you can set a limit for each consultation before even starting. This means you will never be charged more than the amount you predefined in advance. Plus, you'll be notified a few minutes before the end of the consultation of the remaining time, allowing you to effectively manage your time and money. 😉

3) Consumption history

Thanks to our system, you have access at any time to the history of your consumption. This allows you to track your expenses in real-time and moderate them if necessary, offering you total transparency and control over your psychic expenses.

4) Regular updates

With Astrofame, we believe in regular communication with our clients. That's why, after each consultation, you receive a notification via text or email. This informs you of the duration and cost of your consultation, allowing you to keep an eye on your psychic budget.

5) Spending limit

To help you manage your budget optimally, we offer you the possibility to set a monthly spending limit. This allows you to manage your psychic budget yourself and ensure that you do not exceed the amount you have set for yourself.

6) Temporary or permanent self-suspension ⏸️

We understand that sometimes you may need to take a break. That's why we offer the possibility to temporarily suspend your account (15 days, 1 month, etc.) or permanently, upon request.

Susan Taylor’s insights: There's no need to break the bank

By choosing Astrofame for your psychic consultations, you opt for a quality service, respectful of your budget and your time. Our experts, carefully selected for their expertise and empathy, are there to listen to you and guide you towards your future, giving you the keys to move forward. With the keys in hand, all that's left for you is to open the doors to your best life! Try it out, you won't be disappointed... and it's within your budget!

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Article presented by Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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