Rahel Guardian Angel Of Justice And Glory

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Guardian angel Rahel or Rochel is a male angel who protects people born between 1st and 5th March. He symbolizes restoration and righteousness. Those born under his protection have very sharp intuitions and are guided by presentiments and sensations that help them in their daily lives. This spirit guide is deeply attached to freedom and has the ability to remove karmic elements and modify negative energy. Learn how to call on him and in which areas of your life he can support you.

Rahel Guardian Angel Of Justice And Glory

Rahel the Guardian Angel allows you to excel in the justice sector and brings you glory and wealth. His name means “all-seeing God”. He helps his followers find lost objects as well as feelings that have been robbed from them. He has an interest in fairness and works to ensure everyone’s rights are respected. Find out more about Rahel, angel of renown and fortune.

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Discover Rahel's attributes

Virtues and powers:

Money, Justice and Karma

Angelic choir:

The Angels who guide mankind throughout all the stages of life




Gabriel, head of the Guardian angels



Hierarchical Color:



Purple and Pink


Amethyst, Emerald, Haematite, Opal, Pearl, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite


Sun and Moon

* The sefirots are the ten creative powers of the Kabbale. They present themselves in the form of the tree of Kabbalah, where each Sefirot is an emanation of the energy of God the Creator.

Guardian angel Rahel (or Rochel) and his followers (from 1st to 5th March) - What are his natives like?

Rahel’s (or Rochel’s) followers are protected from selfishness and jealousy. This guardian angel develops a sense of order and equilibrium. His followers are therefore geared towards justice and excel in managing conflicts. Difficult situations are easily resolved. Remember that those protected by Rahel also demonstrate an ability to think clearly and quickly. They are often called upon to manage conflicts. His natives are kept away from jealousy and states of selfishness. With this angel's sense of balance and order, his natives favor justice and equity. They are naturally attracted to lucidity and help to manage conflicts.

Rahel or Rochel meaning in the bible: Angel of pure joy

When we pray to the angel Rochel, he fills our whole being with sweet angelic vibrations that allow us to develop our clairvoyance, our intuition and our connection with the kingdom of angels. According to the bible, all children born under the guidance of the angel Rochel will have, one day or another, the mission to help humanity, to reach out to their fellow man. He works in collaboration with the angel Damabiah, to instill in each of us beautiful extrasensory abilities that we will then have to distribute around us, as if to better remove the blockages on the path of those around us!

Rochel helps us find solutions to our problems. He shows us gently, but with a certain firmness, what tomorrow holds for us. It helps us not to give up when the storm seems to be over our head. Finally, if we ask him, he helps us to purify our karma, as if to lighten the weight of our soul and allow us to shine with all our light.

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Rahel's pentacle

Rahel's pentacle

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Why contact Rahel; your guardian angel?

You can contact Rahel if you are dealing with family conflicts. As a staunch defender of justice, he restores order. His ability to create balance might also be useful if you are experiencing problems related to poor management. If you tend to be forgetful, you can also ask for support from your guardian angel to help find a lost object. He will pay attention to you and will prevent you from forgetting where you last put down an object or when you next have a meeting.


Guardian angel Rahel provides:

  • Justice
  • Memory
  • Wealth
  • Righteousness

What is it possible to ask the angel Rahel?

If you have a habit of losing things or forgetting them somewhere, call on Rahel. Your benefactor shares his insight for better daily care and gives you his ability to return your belongings. If you have inheritance or succession problems in your family, pray to the guardian angel Rahel to accompany you in this conflict and appease the main parties involved. If you hesitate to reconnect with your origins, or if you are going to travel in search of meaning, then call on the benevolence of your angel Rochel. Likewise, if you have problems related to accounting, administration, administrative papers, or resources in general, ask him.

How to call Rahel

You can communicate with your guardian angel during their days and regency hours, which are 5th January, 17th March, 30th May, 13th August and 26th October between 22:40 and 23:00.

To communicate with your guardian angel, say this prayer with frankincense:

Prayer for Rahel

Rochel, Sir, you see everything, in the sublime memory of past lives; I ask you to grant me the strength required to pay for the bad that I have done.

I ask you to transform past hatred into selfless love.

Angel Rochel, rid my soul of all that is not right, of all that is miserable, so that your light can penetrate my darkness.

And, when you have wiped away the last drop from the chalice of my bitterness, allow me, Angel Rochel, to bear witness to your divine wisdom, your divine power, your divine love, capable of granting forgiveness to all my past mistakes, from which I am recovering.

Free of all gloomy pasts, I progress towards a bright future, through the grace of my Guardian Angel.


* Literature Source: Angel Numbers 101, Author; Doreen Virtue, Published in 2008 and available here:  https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Numbers-101-Meaning-Sequences/dp/1401920012

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I hve recently started to accept my gift , im struggling with it to be honest. I'm fighting heart failure on top of grieving for the first time. Being I feel everything deeply , it's all Been so overwhelming to say the least. I'm writing today for help and guidance. I have been told lately tht my angels are trying to tell me something and I'm not getting the message. I Feel this information is accurate. And feel like I'm running out of time. FOR WHAT THOUGH. plz help any guidance or advice or resources would be greatly appreciated. THANK U for your time and hopefully I'll hear back soon . God bless Jeremy

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