Mitzrael; The Guardian Angel Who Fights Against Persecution

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Mitzrael is a male angel who protects people born between 16th and 20th January. As number 60 out of 72 guardian angels, he represents authority and freedom. If you were born under his influence, you are lively in spirit, a good communicator and at ease in acknowledging your mistakes. Mitzrael plays a calming role in dealing with conflict and makes people feel lighter. He also frees people who are undergoing persecution and offers respect for hierarchy. Learn more about his attributes here and find out how to request his assistance and communicate with him when need be.

Mitzrael; The Guardian Angel Who Fights Against Persecution

Meaning “God who consoles the oppressed”, Mitzrael symbolizes freedom. He helps persecuted people and makes respected people out of those he protects. He also represents detachment and offers great solace during sorrow and injury.

Discover Mitzrael's attributes:

His virtues and powers:

Intelligence, Health, Healing, Work and Karma

Angelic choir:

The Archangels are the bearers of knowledge


Hod which means glory and splendor


Micael, head of the heavenly armiesHod,



Hierarchical Color:





Alexandrine, Amazonite, Amber, Chalcedony, Chrysolite, Carnelian, Jet and Obsidian


Mercury and Mars

* The sefirots are the ten creative powers of the Kabbale. They present themselves in the form of the tree of Kabbalah, where each Sefirot is an emanation of the energy of God the Creator.

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Guardian angel of Capricorn, Mitzrael (from 16th to 20th January)

Mitzrael makes understanding authority easier. Those protected by this guardian angel are therefore excellent leaders thanks to an increased ability to persuade. People born under his influence have other great qualities. Virtues, sharp mind and pleasant humor are part of what makes them stand out, as well as their ability to recognize their mistakes and correct them.


Mitzrael is a liberating angel who keeps you from oppression and rebellion. He has great strength when it comes to managing conflicts with loved ones. Things therefore feel easier to you thanks to Mitzrael.

Mitzrael guardian angel meaning: Force of determination

With the angel Mitzrael, the watchword is: "move forward". Whatever we may feel or experience, he does not want us to give up. He knows that beautiful surprises await us, behind the clouds. Indeed, he washes us of our sorrows and our wounds, to allow us to move forward more freely, without having to drag behind us the weight of our sufferings.

If you have the feeling that you are sliding down the same slope, think of addressing your prayers to him. In an instant, he will come to your side and give you back the joy of living. He may invite you to speak up, to free yourself from the words that are stuck inside you and that you need to let go of. Moreover, the angel Mitzrael is of a frightening effectiveness for the cure of the physical and psychic diseases which find their sources in the repression of the emotions...

Mitzrael and his pentacle

Mitzrael's pentacle


Why call Mitzrael?

You can call your protector angel Mitzrael if you have problems with authority. Angel of freedom, he allows you to discover your problems and makes your future peaceful. He allows you to stay true to others and to yourself. Summoning Mitzrael would be sensible if you hope to pass an exam; as angel of memory, he can teach you to be very thorough and precise.

Guardian angel Mitzrael provides:

  • Understanding of authority and obedience
  • Freedom
  • Comfort when confronting a problem
  • Simplicity in life

What is it possible to ask the angel Mitzrael?

If you feel that your mistakes are weighing you down, and you can't get over them and move on, reach out to Mitzrael. If you can't use those mistakes to live better and move on, he's the right guardian angel. When you are going through a trial, a test, or an exam, you can rely on his help, because as a benevolent angel, he is there to accompany you on the road to success. In search of correctness and reflection, he knows how to bring the necessary light to adjust the right intellectual capacities. Likewise, for all problems of authority, in the professional environment or related to your own father, your guardian angel helps to improve the dialogue.

How to call Mitzrael

If Mitzrael is your guardian angel, his days and regency hours are 8th March, 20th May, 21st May, 4th August, 17th October and 27th December between 19:40 and 20:00.

To communicate with your guardian angel, say this prayer with Mastic and Nutmeg incense:

Prayer for Mitzrael


Clear, Sir, the channels of my body, so that your sublime energy can travel inside without encountering any obstacles.
Angle Mitzrael, allow me to live in accordance with my highest potential, so that I may create around me your divine harmony, your divine wisdom, your divine wealth (moral, spiritual and material).

Don’t allow my talent (the talent that you give me) to rise above my honesty, for I also want to set an example.
Mitzrael, make me loyal to the angel world, so that all my words, all my actions, all my thoughts are the reflection of celestial life, full of light and joy.


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* Literature Source: Angel Numbers 101, Author; Doreen Virtue, Published in 2008 and available here:

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