Imamiah The Guardian Angel Symbolizing Respect And Liberty

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Imamiah is a female angel, symbolizing respect and liberty. Indeed, she protects those whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius and more specifically who were born between 8th and 12th December. The guardian angel Imamiah helps with defense and spiritual openness. The natives of Imamiah are devoted and helpful beings. They love idealism and perfection. They like work well done and things to be done seriously, they really can't stand disorder and appreciate when everything is in order. Find out how you can call on her and what she blesses you with.

Imamiah The Guardian Angel Symbolizing Respect And Liberty

The guardian angel Imamiah brings enthusiasm and courage to her natives. She influences the emotional energy to better face life's difficulties. Imamiah also shares her magnetism and strength, which leads to the development of strong leadership. She gives you a taste for tolerance, simplicity and modesty. Here’s all you need to know about her.

Virtues and Powers:

Love, Development, Justice, Life Mission, Protection, Karma


Emerald, Blue and Green Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Peridot, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Citrine, Jasper


The qualities Imamiah blesses Sagittarius people born from 8th to 12th December with

Liberty and respect characterize this female angel who comes under the protection of the archangel Haniel.
Imamiah therefore promotes defense along with physical and spiritual liberation. She gives you the peace principle to avoid quarrels and release your inner demons, other than on your opponents. Your angel blesses you with the ability to acknowledge your wrongs and correct your past mistakes, while using them to move forward.

The guardian angel Imamiah brings enthusiasm and courage, plus, she influences her natives’ emotional energy to help them face life's difficulties. She also shares with them magnetism and strength, which leads to the development of strong leadership. When necessary, she makes you a servant of others and gives you the strength to take care of your neighbors by comforting, assisting, and listening. Thanks to her, you know when your loved ones are going through difficult times. Lastly, your angel gives you the possibility to recognize your wrongs and to correct your past mistakes, while using them to move forward.

Imamiah guardian angel meaning

Thanks to its particularly high vibratory rate, the angel Imamiah can help us to overcome our problems related to justice. If you are guilty, this angel will ensure that the punishment is swift and just, so that you can redeem yourself. If, on the other hand, you are wrongly accused, expect that your innocence will finally be recognized.

Likewise, if you feel guilty because of your mistakes and errors, ask the angel Imamiah to help you. He will encourage you to ask for the forgiveness of the light and to dare to grant it fully to yourself! This protector is said to have the ability to get us out of complex situations in which we feel we are floundering. To do this, she reaches out to us and brings us closer to the angelic spheres, allowing us to soak up their light before returning to earth. This angel stimulates in us faith in our creator and faith in the angelic world. Far from false pretenses and sins of pride, this protector asks us to show ourselves as we really are, to be honest with ourselves. She comes to us to help us evolve.

Why call on Imamiah?

Imamiah can be summoned if you want to be protected during your travels. She also helps you handle those who go against you with great patience. Asking for forgiveness and recognizing your mistakes is also a task made much easier thanks to Imamiah. This guardian angel works to transform hatred into love, therefore making you devoted, idealistic, resourceful and a perfectionist.

What you can ask angel Imamiah

If you want to fix your destiny and move forward or if you need to resolve your karma, ask Imamiah, for she will protect you from your evil deeds to bring you face to face with reality. Likewise, if you need to move forward, go beyond your limits and fight for a cause, call upon your guardian angel because her strength develops courage, patience, hope, but also adversity. Her qualities are multiple to endure the difficult passages of life, and she gives you the strength and the will to see the future more serenely, to go beyond yourself to search for buried feelings. If you feel trapped in your situation, call upon your protector because her power of liberation acts on your mental state, on your physical state, but also on the hold you may have with your inner demons.

How to communicate with her

Imamiah’s days and regency hours are 28th February, 12th May, 26th July, 8th October and 19th December between 17:00 and 17:20.

To communicate with your guardian angel, say this prayer with Sandalwood and Nutmeg incense:

Prayer for Imamiah

Imamiah, Lord!

Make my enemies understand that I am not part of their world.

Tell them that I was burnt by your fire and that I am unable to keep promises made through my material personality.

Free me, Angel Imamiah, from my commitments and responsibilities from my past!

Help me ascend towards your celestial abodes, for I already work, here in this world, in accordance with your measures, encouraged by your gifts and by the powers that you grant me!

I want to build for myself, for my loved ones, for everyone, a new heaven.

Enlighten me so that I may fully succeed!

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* Literature Source: Angel Numbers 101, Author; Doreen Virtue, Published in 2008 and available here:

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