The Origins And Virtues Of The Precious Amber Stone

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With its warm and intoxicating red, yellow and orange colors, Amber has seduced us for centuries. In addition to its aesthetic aspect that makes it a gem prized in the world of jewelry, it has many virtues and uses. Although, the question is, where does this precious stone come from and what positive effects meet those who have the privilege to wear it? Discover everything it has to offer you!

Amber is a mysterious resin that hides many benefits through its virtues. For thousands of years, this stone has been widely used to relieve psychological and physical problems. Through its history, discover its healing properties and how effective it is warding off negative energies.

The origins of the Amber gemstone

The story begins nearly 45 million years ago, between Central and Northern Europe. There was a huge part of the territory of amber forest, from the Caspian Sea to the Norwegian coast.

This stone is actually an oleoresin secreted by conifers that fossilizes over time. Although it’s not mineralized, it is sometimes used as a gem and usually presented as such. Its color ranges from lemon yellow to dark brown and is always transparent, which makes it highly coveted in the jewelry world.

This gemstone has been worn as jewelry since ancient times, and was very early attributed beneficial properties and virtues. It was associated with eternal youth because it seemed to preserve plant material and animals. Amber is now part of the 3 gems (with diamond and jet) of plant origin. Like diamonds, Amber forms as a result of thousands of years of presence in nature and requires conditions of pressure and heat to form.

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Amber in lithotherapy: What are the benefits?

Like many gems, Amber provides a lot of well-being to the wearer, let's discover its powers:

Its psychological virtues 

On the psychological level in lithotherapy, the stone amber helps the wearer to assert themselves and take their place. That's why in China, two centuries before our era, it was worn by men to symbolize their virility. This precious stone also allows people to purify their negative energies thanks to its solar radiance. It participates in the unblocking of certain body areas when it is positioned on the chakra or the member in question. This gem favors any form of psychical work and also helps to boost reflection and intellectual growth. In this sense, Amber helps to fight against forms of depression.

What virtues does Amber have on the physical body?

This stone is most used to free speech by warming throats that are often hoarse. It can indeed decongest the respiratory tract while fighting against diseases such as colds, sore throats, flu, etc. In case of inflammation, it is recommended for its virtues of painkiller. More generally, this stone can stimulate the immune system. It goes as far as facilitating rest and providing a better sleep, because it fights in particular and essentially against nightmares.

Unusual facts about this gemstone

  • This gem can also be used as a necklace to calm painful teething in babies, which is very good to know.
  • Amber wedding symbolizes 34 years of marriage.
  • Do not be surprised if you meet someone named Amber, because the stone inspired this female name. In Arabic this name means "immortal".

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