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A Ranking From The Worst To Best Zodiac Sign

If astrology influences part of our personality, we might as well know if we are among the best or worst signs of the zodiac. So, are you kind like Libra or hateful and rude like Aquarius? In any case, don't worry, because each and every one of the signs has their faults and their qualities, but sometimes you just have to dig a little to discover them!

Our zodiac signs say a lot about our personality, but let's not forget that we are also the product of our life course, our experiences, upbringing and our education. Astrology is above all a guide that helps us to know ourselves better. Things are definitely about to get very savage around here!

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Who is the worst zodiac sign? And who is the best?

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1) Capricorn

Capricorn has been voted the worst zodiac sign

You are often there, seemingly out of place, a little distant, almost sulky. And suddenly, without being expected, you drop a hurtful, humiliating remark and end up making yourself look like the victim.

2) Gemini

Gemini is way too superficial

So yes, the least we can say is that you like to chat, but be careful, no deep discussions. You hate having real conversations, so you can't really be counted on to listen. Especially since you are distracted, volatile and superficial and even hypocritical at times.

3) Aquarius

Aquarius is a potential psychopath

A study says that many Aquarians have psychopathic tendencies. It must be said that you are particularly insensitive, impervious to love (in a relationship, you are capable of fleeing at any moment) and even rather unreliable. Basically, your lack of empathy and your originality, which borders on eccentricity, make you more destabilizing than pleasant.

4) Taurus

Taurus is the obsessive one

Taurus people always have their little obsessions, be it with their careers, their cars, their computer equipment, or their finances. And as you are frankly stubbornnothing and nobody can divert you from your obsession of the moment. Basically, beware of the horns!

5) Scorpio

Scorpio is the cruel one

You are cruel. You think it is only fair, that your anger is measured, but it is not always, if ever, the case. Sincerity, for you, is in fact simply derogatory, hurtful, even traumatic remarks. You often verge on harassment!

6) Leo

Leo is the arrogant one

You are loyal and generous, but simply unbearable when someone tries to debate with you. Did I say debate? I meant mostly when people attempt to explain their point of view, which you always disagree with.

7) Cancer

Cancer is whiny

For a while we thought you were the adorable little beast of the zodiac, but in fact you're just unbearable. All you do is whine. Everyone loves you, but that's not enough, you need to be told and told again and your sensitivity is such that if someone close to you forgets an "I love you", you make them pay for life!

8) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the independent one

There are only a few criticisms for you, dear Sagittarius. You're thoughtful, often brilliant, and have a cool attitude that's a pleasure to behold. In fact, you seem so perfect that you become boring to some and others want to lure you into their net. Poor things! Independent and free, you belong to no one. Quality or flaw? The future will judge!

9) Pisces

Pisces is overly nice

You are a lovely person. You know how to express your feelings with great sincerity, you are extremely creative and you have a lot of empathy. There is little we can hold against you, other than your inability to manage conflicts and therefore to systematically side with the last person to speak.

10) Aries

Aries is the most willing of all

At first glance, you may seem abrupt, but if we dig a little deeper, we realize that you are above all determined. Your ambitions are numerous and focus on each sector of your life. Deep down, your main goal is to ensure that your entourage is happy. This is why you are always in good shape and in a good mood.

11) Virgo

Virgo is the intellectual one

You are a discreet person, perhaps even a little too much so. Sometimes people wonder if you are even in the room. However, if you open your mouth to give an explanation, defend an idea, or answer a question, you will never be forgotten. You're smart and incredibly effective.

12) Libra

Libra is the best zodiac sign

You are so easy-going (especially if we forget that you’re super indecisive)! You rarely get angry, you love with kindness and you pay great attention to the opinion, the well-being and the comfort of those around you. In short, you are a real gem!

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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