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The 5 Most Stubborn and Uncompromising Zodiac Signs

Standing up for yourself in the face of other people’s opinions is an important trait which helps us cultivate our independent thought and prevents us from being misled. As with most things however, there is a thin line between sticking up for yourself and being stubborn and these 5 signs just don’t know where the line is most of the time. Are you one of the most stubborn zodiac signs? Discover the 5 most stubborn zodiac signs here!

When situations occur where two people disagree on an issue there are a number of ways to go about it. The more insecure zodiac signs tend to back down and change their views while the more assertive zodiacs are perhaps more likely to stick to their guns in the face of disagreement. Either way, one side often has to compromise with what they want.

The 5 Most Stubborn and Headstrong Zodiac Signs

With that said, some zodiac signs are just less naturally-inclined to compromise and we’ll be turning our attention to these 5 zodiacs. While their uncompromising stances are symptomatic of their self-confidence, their extreme reluctance to concede their point of view means that the cross the line of stubbornness. This a trait which ultimately prevents you from growth, as keeping an uncompromising mindset will prevent you from taking on board life advice that your zodiac sign needs to hear and only helps to perpetuate immature behavior.

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1. Taurus

When it comes to standing their ground, nobody does it better than a Taurus. Like their namesake, they are persistent and reliable people that like working at their own pace, reacting badly when commanded by other people. While this is certainly beneficial for personal projects, a Taurus’ uncompromising nature often leads them to hold onto negative aspects of life which do them more harm than good. 

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2. Leo

This proud zodiac sign knows exactly how much it is worth, so it won’t compromise with you but will simply walk away if it feels that it’s being undervalued. While Leos are generous and warm-hearted people, they do often have an inflated sense of ego which can inhibit group decision making, as they assume they always have the best judgement . Even though they never intend to harm loved ones, their self-centered actions often occur at someone else’s detriment but Leo can’t see this.

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3. Scorpio

Unsurprisingly the last of the fixed signs rounds up the top 3 in this list, as Scorpio takes third for their stubborn natures. While the stubborn attitudes of Taurus and Leo are a result of aversion to change and ego, respectively, Scorpio’s unrelenting stance comes from a place of passion. Once they’ve added emotional significance to a position on a issue, they won’t let go off their dogmatic stance, making them one of the more difficult zodiac signs to get on with if you ever butt heads.

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4. Aquarius

The rebels of the horoscope, Aquarius loves going against the status quo and standing their ground, often in the face of criticism. Arguably the most independent zodiac sign, Aquarius concern themselves with progressive, radical and often controversial ideas that typically contradict widely accepted beliefs. This zodiac lives up to its label as a critical zodiac sign when their alternative ideas are justifiably challenged, often becoming aloof, harsh and condescending.

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5. Aries

Once an Aries has made their mind up about doing something, don’t expect them to change their minds. Everything is a competition for them, even if they’re only competing against themselves. Even (and especially) if something seems difficult or improbable, an Aries will hold their ground. Being ambitious is important trait for self-improvement, but sometimes looking at the facts objectively would make life easier both for this demanding zodiac sign and those surrounding them.

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