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This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts: What's Your Style?

Someone catches your attention from across the room and you feel like chatting to them – what approach do you take? Are you the direct type who lays it all on the table, or do you try to charm them with your humor or is being mysterious your style. The way we flirt says a lot of about us and is directly related to our zodiac personalities. Are you ready to discover each zodiac sign's flirting technique? How smooth are you?

Meeting new people that we find attractive and have an interest in can be a scary experience. First impressions matter and we want to present ourselves in the best possible light, so often people will try out a different persona in these situations. However, as hard as we try, we can’t hide our true personalities forever and your real traits eventually come out during a conversation. Discover the way each zodiac sign acts around their crush.

The Way Your Zodiac Sign Flirts

While you may or not be satisfied with your flirting game, it’s important to know how you flirt. Understanding how each zodiac sign personality flirts will not only help you sharpen your own game, but will also help you notice more easily when someone is actually flirting with you. When it comes to dating, as with everything, knowledge is power so why not discover your zodiac’s dating style now!

What makes your Zodiac irresistible? Find out with our reasons why people find your zodiac attractive!



Just as with everything this sign does, Aries is direct and assertive when they flirt. They have no issues walking up to someone and asking them out if they think they’re attractive. An Aries won’t waste time if they think there’s a spark and will equally move on quickly if there’s no apparent chemistry.



With Venus being the ruling planet of this zodiac, Taurus is a sign which has a strong affinity with sensuality, physicality and pleasure. Taurus believes in romance so they take it slow when it comes to flirting, playing it slightly coy with a touch of physicality.



Geminis are people who know a bit about flirting. When flirting, they’ll use all their wit and slick talk to open up the people they talk to. The chase is the most exciting part for them, so they’ll often be a bit of tease with people to keep them on their toes with some obvious signs of flirting.



The Cancer personality likes traditional romance and therefore doesn’t go all-in when it comes to flirting. They prefer to feel out a person before letting their barriers down. Cancer people often want to make an emotional connection before unleashing their passionate side. Giving undivided attention to your every word is their give away.



You probably already guessed this but Leo’s flirting style is strong and charismatic. They’ll shower the other person with compliments and will try impress them with their charm. However, if they feel like they aren’t getting anything back, they may pull the plug.



Virgos may come across as slightly shy and mysterious at first, but that’s only because they don’t want to ruin things before they’ve started. They don’t just flirt with anyone, as they have high standards, so they bide their time learning more about you until they learn what the right buttons are to push.



As a sign well-versed in people management, Libras do well when it comes to flirting. They are very carefully not to lead on anybody and so will never give off mixed signals. They are graceful and direct when they speak and will even approach someone they find particularly attractive.



Anyone that knows anything about this zodiac sign will know that Scorpios are the masters of flirting. Seduction is an art to Scorpios and most people find their intensity, sexuality and mysteriousness too much to resist. When this zodiac sign is in a sexual mood, you’ll most certainly feel it in the air.



For Sagittarius, flirting is simply a fun and care-free activity. With a life full of various experiences, Sagittarius like to tell funny and even embarrassing stories to open up the conversation. As one of the funniest signs, they’re sure to get people to crack a smile and a laugh, which is half the battle of flirting.



Capricorns approach flirting in a very casual and direct manner, as this sign is one of the least superficial signs. They won’t flirt if there’s only a physical attraction, as the intellectual side of people interests them much more. Capricorns aren’t the type to try on any slick phrases or chat-up lines but will use their body language to show their interest.



There is something about the Aquarius personality that makes them adept at flirting without any effort. As a highly intelligent zodiac with unique traits, people are drawn in by their enigmatic aura and sharp wit. They will humor anyone but will only go for it with someone if they feel they share the same ideals and values.



Just as in most situations, Pisces people are attentive and sensual when they attempt to seduce. They naturally give of a deep and mysterious vibe which people find intriguing. As one of the most intuitive and sensitive zodiacs, people feel a deep connection with them even though they’ve just met.

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