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Capricorn Facts: 15 Of Them You Must Know About This Zodiac

The Capricorn personality is logical, smart, practical and traditional. But, can one zodiac sign who has so much to offer really be resumed by so few adjectives? We don’t think so! We’ve put together the 15 most interesting Capricorn facts to give you some clear horoscope insight into the tenth zodiac sign. How much do you know about Capricorn? Check out our 15 Capricorn facts to get a deeper understanding of this horoscope sign.

The Capricorn personality is very interesting and definitely has lots going on. The Capricorn zodiac sign may be one of the lesser known signs, but we’re about to give our Capricorn friends the limelight they deserve. We’ve chosen 15 Capricorn facts for you to get a deeper look into this practical yet headstrong personality. Discover this authentic character thanks to our 15 Capricorn facts.

Zodiac facts: 15 Capricorn facts

Discovering more about the zodiac signs is always fun and really helps you get a clearer idea of each horoscope sign’s personality. We’ve got the perfect formula for you to discover the tenth zodiac sign. Do you want more information on Capricorn? If so, be sure to check out how to attract a Capricorn man and the Capricorn horoscope 2019.

1) Sweet and spiky

Capricorn has a reputation for being very sweet until you get their backs up that is! Capricorn is one of the nicest zodiac signs but that doesn’t mean they will let anyone walk all over them. Caps know how to stand up for themselves and defend their ideas.

2) Great observer

The tenth zodiac sign is perhaps the most observant of all the horoscope signs. Nothing gets past Capricorn and for good reason too! Capricorn is never one to jump in and lead the conversation; they prefer to observe people’s behavior.

3) Slow burner in love

Capricorn is a very cautious zodiac sign which explains why they take such a long while to fall for someone. Capricorn is one of the slowest zodiac signs to fall in love because they want to avoid heartache at all costs.

4) Capricorn compatibility

Capricorn compatibility suggests they match best with Taurus. The Taurus personality has exactly what it takes to help draw Capricorn out of their shell. Taurus could even get Capricorn to walk on the wild side.

5) Capricorn incompatibility

When it comes to zodiac incompatibility, you could never put a Capricorn with a Gemini or Sagittarius. Gemini is way too immature for the traditional Capricorn and as for Sagittarius, well they are just too laidback.

6) Loyalty is everything to Capricorn

As one of the most loyal zodiac signs, it’s no surprise that Capricorn is so demanding of their friends and family where loyalty is concerned. Once Capricorn’s trust has been betrayed, it’s hard to win them over.

7) Ruling planet

Saturn, the planet of limitations, contractions and life experiences rules Capricorn. Planet Saturn helps give Capricorn a sensible and practical edge to their personality.

8) Earth sign

As an Earth sign, Capricorn is very in touch with their bodies as well as their surroundings. People native to the Earth element are grounded, smart, practical and reliable. Taking risks is out of the question for them.

9) How to make Capricorn happy

If you want to make a Capricorn happy, the good news is it’s really simple and won’t cost you anything either. To make a Capricorn happy all you need to do is take time out of your day to talk to them about issues that matter to them.

10) Crazy ambition

The tenth zodiac sign dreams of success and isn’t afraid to put in the hard work to accomplish their goals. Being comfortable and having a good lifestyle are goals that Capricorn dreams of.

11) Stubborn

When a Capricorn has made up their mind, there’s no use trying to change it. Capricorn is one of the most stubborn zodiac signs and refuses to budge when they believe in something. Getting Capricorn to look at things differently is like climbing a mountain.

12) How Capricorn likes to spend their time

Capricorn definitely isn’t one of the party animals of the zodiac signs. These guys prefer to spend their time at home curled up on the couch with a good book or in front of a gripping series. They are definitely homebodies.

13) Steely determination

No matter how many times you kick a Capricorn, they will never stay down and out for too long. Capricorn is one of the most determined zodiac signs and constantly dreams of succeeding and doing better.

14) Bad habits…

We’ve all got them even if we don’t like openly talking about them or admitting it. Capricorn is well-known for being condescending and even a little snobbish.  As one of the most intelligent zodiac signs they love teaching other people although it can be perceived as patronizing.

15) Famous celebs

There are many famous Capricorns, including, Kate Middleton, Bradley Cooper, Michelle Obama and Elvis Presley! What a talented bunch we have.


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