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Summer Numerology Reading For Each Life Path Number

Summer is finally here and it has brought with a plenty of exciting surprises! The period is synonym of passion, fun and adventure and will definitely ring true for a few lucky life path numbers. Our Numerology reading by life path reveals exactly what you can look forward to this sunny season in both your career and love life. Find out what the Numerology numbers have up their sleeve for you.

Summer horoscope 2021 is set to be a very exciting period for all of the Numerology life path numbers.Numerology 2021 still isn't over, it's time for you to look forward to the following months! 

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Life path number 1: Transformation

Work: The summer period will mark the point in your life where everything changes for you. You’ll begin to understand where your life is headed and which path you are set to follow in the future. Discovering your new path and following your dreams won’t be done instantly, changing directions will need time and patience.

Home life: Being patient is a tough challenge for you, although it’s exactly what you’ll have to do over the next few months. You’ll have to try and control your emotions and resist getting involved in other people’s business. When people need your help, they’ll ask you for it; you can’t make the first step. 

Love: It’ll be all or nothing for you in love this summer, life path 1. If you are in a disastrous relationship, the summer months will help you make an important decision. Life path number 1, you must understand that love is full of ups and downs; they are what makes it so exciting. Approaching situations with a smile on your face will help you get exactly what you want.

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Life path 2: Patience and action

Work: Life path 2, you’ll be full of impressive ideas this summer, that could even involve changing paths or doing something totally different. New people will come into your life as well as new professional opportunities; you need to be ready to grab them! 

Home life: If you are dating or in a relationship, you’ll feel the need to be reassured about what people feel for you. You want to know what people feel for you and to confirm the feelings are real. Making your love life a priority will help both you and your partner progress toward the fairytale ending you have always dreamed of.

Love: The summer period will be an exciting one in love for life path 2. If you are in a relationship, you could face a few difficulties over the next few months and will need to ask yourself some difficult questions. Taking a step back from your relationship will help you discover another side of your partner and could even help you fall in love all over again.

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Life path 3: Important decisions need to be made

Work: July will see the start of your considering what paths are available to you. Your ambitions and dreams are clear for everyone to see. If you are aiming to move up the career ladder, it’s time for you to make your intentions known and to reach for the stars! 

Home life: Your friends and family always count on you to give them advice and you never let them down. Life path number 3, you love giving your friends and family your time and guiding them along their paths really does make you feel good about yourself. This summer you can look forward to new adventures, meeting new people and creating incredible memories you’ll never forget. 

Love: If your relationship is winding down, the summer months could be a good time for you to reignite the flame! Using your ultimate seduction skills will help boost your confidence and make you feel a lot sexier! Let yourself go the summer and focus on having a good time and making amazing memories rather than on what other people think. 

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Life path 4: Things will be complicated

Work: Feelings of frustration and stagnation will ensure your summer gets off to a complicated start. Luck seems to be against you this summer and that will make it tough for you to chase your dreams. Although things won’t go your way at the beginning, hang on in there because brighter and more positive times are on the way. 

Home life: Life path 4, the stress is building up and you are taking it out on your friends and family. Your relationships will be tinged with tension because of the frustrations you are coming across in other areas of your life. To relieve your stress, why not head to the gym or get outside to work off some of your energy? 

Love: Relationships will be made official this summer for life path 4. Putting a label on a relationship will help you look to the future and dream of making a life together. You’ll find yourself on exactly the same wave length as your partner and being that close will send you to cloud nine! 

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Life path 5: It’s time to take flight

Work: Life path 5, this summer will be the opportune time for you to put pen to paper and decide what you really want to do. You can expect to feel the pressure for the first couple of weeks before you get to the point of making any concrete decisions.

Home life: Travelling and seeing the world are two of your main passions. Your life will be split between your family and adventuring out in the open. Your summer months will be full of exciting plans that will definitely keep you on your toes for longer than expected. 

Love: The summer heat will definitely boost the desires of life path 5! The sun will be a great substation for couples’ therapy! You can look forward to a summer of eroticism, fun and serious passion; are you excited? We sure are! If you are single, you’ll definitely turn heads and your distinctive looks will ensure people fantasize about you. You are a true heartbreak after all…

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Life path 6: Decision time

Work: If you want to achieve your goals, you need to put in the hard work and effort required. Your dreams won’t just become reality at the click of your fingers. Wise decisions, intense hard work and long period of reflection will get you to where you want to go.

Home life: The feeling of belonging coupled with your traditional beliefs will make your family life truly blissful. There will be a few ups and downs along the way and your challenge will be staying positive throughout the hardships that come your way. If the worries pile up, try to take a step back and focus on what is really important. 

Love: Life path 6, you are focused on your destiny and aren’t living in the moment. Focusing on your feelings will show you how you really feel about people in your life and potential love matches. If you are in a relationship and are in need of romance, tell your partner how you are feeling. 

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Life path 7: Things are coming together!

Work: Things are slowly making progress in your professional life and people are finally recognizing how talented you really are. People are interested in offering you new positions and opportunities, it’s up to you to decide what you want and what you are interested in.

Home life: When things don’t go your way, you tend to lose your cool with the people closest to you. Try your best to avoid misunderstandings by ensuring that your communication is clear and precise. Life path 7, here’s a piece of advice, when people get under your skin, don’t just give them the silent treatment, take the problem head on. 

Love: You have been dreaming of an exciting love life and it looks like your wishes have been granted. If you are in a relationship, take the lead and work on actively increasing the passion and chemistry between you and your partner. A romantic weekend away could do your relationship the world of good and sparks may even fly! 

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Life path 8: It’s time to be you

Work: Your energy is powerful and will help you take a step towards your personal growth. Now is the time for you to aim high when it comes to your professional life. Life path 8, if you have been dreaming of changing career paths, the summer period could be the time that everything finally comes together for you. 

Home life: You’ll finally decide you to take control of your family life decisions. Imposing your decisions is something you’ve never really done before. Life path 8, you’ll need to be diplomatic and firm when it comes to making decisions this summer. Organizing things is essential, if not things will never be done.

Love: Life path 8, if you are in a relationship, you can expect things to run smoothly over the summer months. You’ll be totally in sync with your partner and can look forward to making some excellent new memories at their side. If ever tensions creep into your relationship, try to stay calm and think things through before making any radical decisions that you could live to regret. 

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Life path 9: The finish line is in sight

Work: You are approaching the home stretch and are about to accomplish your goals. You have learned lots of valuable lessons over the past few months and they have helped you form new opinions on certain issues. Staying calm and being optimistic will help you achieve the best results going forward. 

Home life: Life path 9, you may need to take a step back to focus on your decisions and evaluate your future paths. Working on the relationships you have with your family will help bring you closer to your kids and you may even find new common interests. Trusting yourself and your family members is essential for your happiness and motivation.

Love: If you are in a relationship, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement and influence your choices. If you feel that your partner has too much control in your relationship, speak up for yourself and let them know exactly how you feel. Life path 9, if you are single, it’s time for you to focus on your own happiness; remember you only live once, so enjoying yourself is essential to your joy and pleasure.

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By Charlotte Davis

Numerology expert - With over 30 years experience in the Numerology field, I know everything there is to know about this domain. My goal is to enlighten you and to lead you to the best path possible.

Numerology expert - With over 30 years experience in the Numerology field, I know everything there is to know about this domain. My goal is to enlighten you and to lead you to the best path possible.

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