What Is Each Candle Color Useful For, And What's Its Spiritual Message?

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Besides looking pretty, smelling good, and creating a cozy atmosphere at home, candles have some surprising powers and all have different uses based on their colors. There are several magical or religious rituals associated with candles, but do you know what they involve? When burning, they help us to focus, calm down and can even make our problems go away. Discover the extraordinary ability of candles right now and what each color means for them. Trust us, you won't look at them in the same way after this!

Whether they are black, gray, red, white magic, candles have always had pride of place. Synonymous of purification, their flames have the power to soothe the soul, drive away bad spirits, and attract heavenly protection. Pay attention to the candle because their colors possesses a special meaning and invokes different powers.

A spiritual interpretation of candle colors and what they mean

When dealing with your issue, choose the color of your candle with care, for this will help you achieve your goals. For greater efficiency, you can also pick the color of your candle depending on the day of the week and your zodiac sign. Whilst you're here, discover the messages candle flames transmit.

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Blue: Stimulates creativity

Blue candles have the power to boost your imagination and inventiveness. If you need inspiration to work on a project, or if you need a fresh look at an issue, light a blue candle and ideas will flow.

Blue candle

Artist's candles

Green: Component for success

Green candles have great powers. They abolish feelings of jealousy, symbolize success, positive ambition, healing, luck, prosperity and physical health.

Green candle

 If you are experiencing health issues, this candle is for you

Orange: Improves your relationships

An orange candle stimulates energy, love, friendship and improves physical abilities. If you are in a sluggish period, if you lack energy or if your relationships are tense, this is the candle for you.

Orange candle

 It will help you improve your relationships, provided you put your mind to it! Open the dialogue.

Purple: Psychic potential

The purple candle is the typical candle of the psyche. It increases the spiritual capacities, increases the psychic potential, personal power and builds on and preserve your independence.

Purple candle

If you need to open your mind or perform a ritual, this is the ideal candle.

Red: Love and passion

Red, the color of love and blood! No wonder, a red candle symbolizes deep love and provokes true love or passion. It also increases the power of the will.

Red candle rouge

If you are experiencing emotional problems at the moment or are trying to seduce someone close to you, this is your candle!

Silver: Protection

A silver candle symbolizes the protection of the Angels, your guardian angel. It neutralizes harmful influences, encourages the gifts of diplomacy, promotes meditation and prayers.

Silver candle

If you need support and protection right now, this is the candle you need to burn.

Yellow: Self-confidence

A yellow candle increases self-confidence, charm, personal magnetism and awakens hidden talents. If you're going for an interview or on a first date, burning a yellow candle will boost your ego.

Yellow candle

Prepare for important events by burning a yellow candle to be on top.

Pink: Friendship and affection

Pink candles symbolize affection and friendship. They promote good friendships and stable bonds. Do you need a hug or a sign of affection right now? Then this is the candle for you!

Pink candle

A pink candle promotes a fulfilling emotional environment.

Black: Exorcism

Black candles banish negative influences, evil spirits, exorcise the evil eye and increase self-confidence.

Black candleIt's the ultimate protective candle...

White: Purity

A white candle is a symbol of purity of feelings, serenity, clairvoyance and increases psychic powers.

White candle

A white candle can replace all other colors. It is THE candle to always have at home!

Brown: Concentration

 A brown candle helps locate lost objects, promotes concentration, telepathy and protects pets.

Brown candle

A brown candle promotes learning.

Gold: Positive vibes

Gold candles have amazing powers... They attract positive cosmic influences and divine protection. They help to solve important problems, if you feel you are at a dead end, if you feel you have no way out of your situation, this is the candle for you.

Gold candle

We often get them out at Christmas, not knowing that these golden candles have the power to attract good vibes.

Gray: Conflict solver

A gray candle has the power to neutralize negative influences and thus promotes the end of conflicts. If you are in a dispute with your spouse, a colleague, a friend or a member of your family, it is the candle to burn to calm the spirits.

Gray candle

A candle to put an end to arguments...

Rituals you can carry out with candles

  • Lighting candles is a way of asking your guardian angel for a special favor. So, which Angel numbers do you see?

  • The candles used should be new and if possible made of wax. Before any use, they must be "loaded": fill a small cup with pure olive oil and with the right thumb, grease the body of the candle from top to bottom (for banishment rituals, proceed in the opposite direction, from the base to the wick).

  • Use a different match for each candle, or light each candle with the flame of the first one. At the end of the ritual, extinguish them in the opposite direction of lighting, without blowing, because all the forces, all the energy they contain would disappear: it is better to blow them out between your fingers or use a snuffer. Finally, never use a candle twice in a row: throw it away, or if the ritual requires it, let it burn out until the end.

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Hi I want to know if I can burn different candles at the same time. For example burning black, pink, red, white, yellow, green, orange and grey all at once

Am a prophet am new in the work what can use for clear vision thanks

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