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Which Zodiac Signs Don't Like Each Other And Never Get Along?

Believe it or not, compatibility doesn’t just refer to love; it also touches on platonic relationships too. Taking this into account probably explains why certain zodiac signs are total enemies and can’t stand spending more than 5 seconds with each other. Is there a particular personality that you struggle to get along with? If you can identify a running theme in the people you don't click with, it could be because the stars totally oppose you. Discover which personalities can't actually stand being in each other's presence and uncover the fake friendships that surround you, because believe us, there are plenty of them!

As much as hitting it off with someone from the get go is amazing, we’re all humans and as much as we’d like it to be true, we can’t get along with everyone... The fact is, there are certain people we just can't even force ourselves to be around because our characters simply don't gel and our attitudes and opinions are just too different. In short, certain people really do rub us up the wrong way. You’ll have no doubt already experienced the challenge of having to be nice to people you really dislike and can relate to the pain of the ordeal.

Who will you never get along with?

We’ve taken a look at the stars and each astrological personality in order to bring you a complete and accurate list of who will just simply never be friends or even cordial to each other. Our pairing of sworn enemies could even clear up the mystery of why you instantly don’t get a good vibe from some people. This goes further than zodiac incompatibility, these signs can't even be be in the same room together without drama breaking out! 

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1) Aries and Aries

Aries and Aries are too alike to get along

Two Aries just can’t get along and play nicely together! Whenever they spend time together, they constantly butt heads and can’t resist the temptation of an explosive argument. People born under the first sign are very proud and hate admitting when they are wrong, meaning nothing ever gets solved between them.

2) Aries and Libra

Aries and Libra means a clash of characters

Libra personality is well-known for having being free-spirited and dreamy, but their idealistic character doesn’t sit well with everyone, especially not the feisty Aries. Aries and Libra clash because they come from different worlds and their outlooks on life are completely dissimilar.

3) Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Libra fight like cat and dog

Taurus and Leo definitely have more of hate relationship than anything else. Although opposite zodiac signs are compatible in love, that’s not to say that as friends opposite placed zodiacs work out. Taurus and Leo constantly bicker when they are around each other and can never agree on anything.

4) Gemini and Gemini

Two Geminis are a terrible mix

Surprise! Two Geminis can’t stand each other and really do drive each other crazy. Gemini is said to house two distinct personalities which explains why two natives of this sign fight like cat and dog whenever they are together for more than 10 minutes…

5) Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces have opposing views

As two highly sensitive zodiac signs, it might come as a surprise that Cancer and Pisces don’t get along, but the truth of the matter is their hypersensitive natures make them unbearable to each other. This pair basically annoys each other to death.

6) Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius have no time for each other

Scorpio personality and Aquarius personality are complete opposites; they are basically antipodes. Scorpios are very intense people who love being in control of everything, whereas Aquarians are very laidback. Scorpio’s powerful personality crushes the mellow Aquarius, making them sworn enemies.

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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Ism sagitarius my husband is cancer we are always fighting we are seniors now but iwant to quits we are always arque even before our erarly marriage we separated na but become living together my husband is always w alow profile woman until now were 62 na

Wow! But I am a cancer sun,scorpio rising, virgo moon, Gemini Mars. I have no issues with my numerous pisces friends. In fact, I think I am the most compatible with pisces people.

From my experience it is totally true that Pisces and Cancer don’t get along . I am the Pisces every Cancer person I know pushes my pain body buttons almost every time they open there mouths . My Son and my ex partner lead the field in this destructive personal battle for equality and respect . These relationships have been a tool for me to learn about myself but wow this is not an easy road ... spot on ... great work thank you it’s good to know that I am in touch with the cosmos in this relationship game .,,

As a Cancer, I don’t really have issues with a Pisces as my cousin is one (Male). But I might have issues with Pisces that I’m unfamiliar with, because a lot of people do tend to get on my nerves.

One of my best friends was a Scorpio! And I am Aquarius!

My Scorpio ex .. Opposite indeed. I compromised but not him. Too controlling.


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