What Does It Mean When You Are A Double Virgo? (Sun + Rising)

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Virgo sun Virgo rising, you're anxious, a little distrustful, and you conform as best you can to the world around you, taking refuge in it. You thrive on a comfortable, secure routine. This makes you a very reliable assistant who doesn't miss a thing. Your powers of observation enable you to get the better of most situations. However, you're not immune to crazy Virgo attacks when you decompress too suddenly...

What Does It Mean When You Are A Double Virgo? (Sun + Rising)
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Double Virgo interpretation - A wise personality

You have a personality that instinctively leads you to develop the qualities of patience, common sense, and a certain practical wisdom, applicable in everyday life. You're good at rationalizing, analyzing, and evaluating details. Likewise, you find great satisfaction in learning and developing your skills, but you're anxious about your mistakes and potential shortcomings. You have a tendency to judge yourself harshly, to underestimate yourself. This is a very productive driving force to evolve toward greater awareness, knowledge, and accuracy.

Nervous, anxious, prey to doubts, you prefer not to take risks and to take refuge in conformism, routine, and habits. You approach life with discretion and humility 👪. Rational and observant, you analyze, dissect and seek to understand everything around you, your brain is always active. There's no question of letting go or leaving anything to chance.

Virgo sun Virgo rising in love and relationships

You give priority to intellect and reason, exercising strong control over your feelings and emotions. In love, you're wary and cautious, and may sometimes prefer to remain single, but if you meet your soul mate, you'll be a faithful and extremely devoted partner. Your feelings become very deep with time, but you find it very difficult to show them. You're very selective in your love life and prefer to be alone rather than badly accompanied. When you're in love, you devote yourself entirely to your partner ❤️.

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What is Virgo sun Virgo rising like with their family?

You're a driving force for your loved ones, and you'd like them all to achieve excellence in the goals they've set for themselves. That's why you always set a good example and remain fair in all your choices. However, you're not always attentive, and the details you miss can be important to some of the people you love. You may seem too blunt to the most delicate of people, without even realizing it.

How about with money and finances?

Professionally, you have little ambition, preferring to confine yourself to tasks at which you excel rather than take on large-scale projects that are much harder to control. This makes you an outstanding assistant and collaborator, with a strong sense of professionalism 🧑‍💼. Organized, methodical, a perfectionist, even a maniac, you love a job well done.

You seek balance and make good associations to earn your living, at the risk, sometimes, of making yourself a little dependent. You seek to manage your assets as fairly as possible, finding the perfect balance between your needs and those of others. Likewise, you don't take risks, but you invest intelligently, never losing sight of the ins and outs of your investments.

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Amy Poehler
Cameron Diaz

In conclusion…

In an association, you avoid fighting until you have no choice, at which point you can become aggressive. Ambivalent, in search of yourself, you can go from one extreme to the other, oscillating between the need to flee and the need to fulfill yourself.

While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the public, anyone that knows anything about astrology would testify that the ascendant sign is an equally important consideration for evaluating a personality. The ascendant is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics.

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Virgo sun Virgo rising; a charming combination

This double Virgo combination is devastating! Your charm, far from any sophistication, makes victims all around you. However, you captivate people! You know how to make yourself appreciated, especially through your attentive and caring approach with people. Virgo is a sign that is unrivalled in intelligence, and this doesn’t go unnoticed.

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