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The 12 Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Fast They Fall In Love

We know by now that love and relationships aren’t always a walk in the park and finding that someone special can be a real ordeal. When it comes to falling in love, each of the 12 zodiac signs moves at their own pace; some like to take things slowly whereas others jump straight in. We’ve ranked the star signs by how fast they fall in love. Are you a fast mover or a slow burner? How fast do you fall in love?

Our zodiac signs aren’t just an excellent way for us to gain a better insight into our personalities; they also reveal how fast we fall in love! Astrology helps us clear up some of life’s greatest mysteries and even reveals which zodiac signs are addicted to love. Find out everything you need to know about how your star sign is in love.

Which zodiacs signs fall in love fast?

In love every star sign is different; certain zodiac signs are commitment phobes and take a while to warm up to the idea of a relationship, whereas others like to move at 100mph! What about your zodiac sign; do you fall in love quickly and forget about your inhibitions or do you prefer to take your time and play things cool? These 5 zodiac signs rush into relationships; are you one of them?

1) Taurus

Taurus falls in love the quickest

Taurus people fall in love at lightning speed and have no trouble whatsoever opening their hearts up and letting people in! Taurus has a big heart which explains why they fall in love so easily. Taurus is also one of the zodiac signs that chooses love over friendship.

2) Cancer

Cancers fall into a love trance quickly

Cancer is not only the most sensitive zodiac sign, this particular star sign is also one of the most loving and caring. Cancer people are ruled by their emotions and love completely overwhelms them quickly.

3) Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are mesmerized by love

These guys love the feeling of being in love! Sagittarius is so open to experiencing new things with new people, that it’s really no surprise they fall in love at the click of the fingers!

4) Aries

Aries people give their hearts away quickly

Despite their brash personality, Aries people have huge hearts and are always ready to give new and promising love adventures a shot. The Aries zodiac sign is full of love and affection contrary to popular beliefs.

4) Pisces

Pisces fall really quickly

Pisces’ compassionate and empathetic personality means they are always open to love and meeting their perfect match. The twelfth zodiac sign typically gets infatuated after a couple of romantic dates.

6) Libra

Love can go either way with Libra

Libras sit in the middle of the scale because they don’t fall in love at 100mph but it doesn’t take them too long to start planning their future with someone either. Libra is full of love but needs time to figure out if their partner is a solid match.

7) Scorpio

Scorpio's take their sweet time

Scorpio is always in two minds when it comes to love and relationships. The passionate side of the personality urges them to dive into love yet because Scorpio is a jealous zodiac sign; a niggling little voice holds them back.

8) Gemini

Geminis move slowly

Gemini takes a while to fall in love and really decide that they want a future with someone. Gemini has such a vast personality that getting to understand themselves let alone anyone else takes a serious amount of time.

9) Leo

Leos move slowly

Loving Leo is very warm and sincere but their need to control everything halts them in their journey of falling in love. Leos can be very demanding which means they can take a while before they even confirm they have feelings for someone.

10) Aquarius

Aquarius is a slow burner

It takes a whole lot for an Aquarius to open up their hearts to love. For Aquarius, love is synonymous with giving up their freedom; which by the way they aren’t really prepared to do.  

11) Virgo

Virgos move at a snail's pace

Over analytical Virgos always doubt themselves and overthink absolutely everything! Virgo spends so much time worrying about all kinds of love eventualities that they prevent themselves from falling in love.

12) Capricorn

Capricorn is the slowest to fall in love

Capricorn is the slowest zodiac sign when it comes to falling in love. Capricorns are very slow out of the blocks because they pressure themselves into fulfilling their career dreams at the earliest point. The truth is love isn’t really a priority for Capricorn.


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