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The Most Positive To Negative Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Staying positive, upbeat and cheerful comes naturally to some people and can seem like mission impossible for certain zodiac signs. Which half does your zodiac sign fall into? Does your zodiac sign have a totally positive or completely negative attitude towards life? Is your zodiac sign positive and upbeat or a real Debbie downer when things don’t go your way? We reveal where your zodiac sign places in our positivity ranking.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a different attitude and outlook on life which is why we are able to divide them into positive and negative signs. Some people are very optimistic and always manage to see things in a positive light and others just see everything in black!

The most positive to negative zodiac signs

We admit it, it’s not always easy to keep a smile on your face, especially when going through a breakup or any other kind of difficult situation. But, some people are better at handling what life throws at them than others. Does your zodiac sign manage to be cheerful even when absolutely nothing goes your way? Or, does your zodiac sign want to give up the second the going gets tough? Are you a positive or negative star sign?

Our ranking of the most positive to negative zodiac signs speaks volumes about your outlook on life and your attitude.

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1) The most positive zodiac - Aries

The news is out; the Aries personality is officially the most positive zodiac sign of them all, so congratulations Aries friends! Aries people are great at putting themselves first and taking care of their needs which really does help them keep a huge smile on their faces even when times get tough.


2) Libras love good vibes

The Libra personality is naturally positive and life never seems to be able to get them down. Libras have such a positive and charming aura that people love being around them and on top of all that, their upbeat energy is a source of comfort for their loved ones.


3) Leos are rays of sunshine

Leos have very positive attitudes and approaches to life and always have something to say when asked what they are grateful for. Our Leo personality friends make a point of surrounding themselves with equally optimistic and cheerful people.


4) Geminis emit positivity

Gemini personality guys and girls always look on the bright side of things and there are virtually never any clouds in their sky! The Gemini attitude is all about blocking out negativity and concentrating on the positive points. A Gemini will always find a way to put a positive spin on a bad situation.


5) Sagittarius people don't worry about anything

Sagittarius personality people choose to see the glass half full rather than half empty and find that their great sense of humor helps them through difficult times. Laughter is definitely the best medicine where a Sagittarius is concerned.


6) Aquarius is always cheerful

Aquarians hate negativity and being surrounded by bad vibes. When something negative happens to an Aquarius personality, they try to find creative solutions to their problems rather than just complaining about them. Aquarians just don’t have time for pessimism in their lives.


7) Taurus people are both positive and negative

Our Taurus personality friends are a real mixed bag which is why they are situated towards the middle of the ranking. Taurus people can have days where nothing goes right for them and where they consequently feel like the world is ending, but they can also have bursts of brilliant positivity.


8) Cancer's sensitivity makes them negative

Cancer personality people can be very emotional and when they wake up on the wrong side of the bed nothing seems to go right for them. No matter how hard they try; sensitive zodiac sign Cancer will always let their emotions get on top of them and bring them down.


9) Virgos can be very moody

The Virgo personality can be very negative when they don’t get their own way and can even react childishly when faced with obstacles. Virgo’s moodiness can strike at any moment and can go on for hours and hours! Virgos need to surround themselves with positive influences to escape the bad vibes.


10) Scorpio are very negative

Scorpios let the negativity flood in when they are faced with tough problems and dilemmas. When in a negative mood, Scorpio personality can get really angry and explode at moment, so it’s best to let them cool off in their own time when they are feeling down.


11) Capricorns attract negativity

Capricorn personality people are typically very hard working, traditional and responsible, although when things don’t turn out like Capricorn wants them to, Capricorn people become real Debbie downers. The pressure Capricorn people put themselves under is often at the source of their negativity.


12) Pisces is the most negative zodiac

The dreamiest sign of the zodiac is definitely Pisces personality. Pisces’ idealistic tendencies coupled with their sensitivity are the reasons why the twelfth sign of the zodiac has a reputation for being the most negative. Reality brings Pisces crashing down from their utopia and often gets them down.

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