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Taurus sun Gemini rising Taurus

Taurus sun Gemini rising; a self-critical mix

Taurus sun Gemini rising often falls into the trap of being overly tough and critical of themselves. The Gemini ascendant encourages Taurus to reflect on things without diving into the unknown. These natives feel the need to calculate things before making any radical decisions, which is why they only ever make slow progress. Keeping their motivation high can be a difficult challenge for them, but if they are surrounded by optimistic and positive people, they’ll eventually pull through.

What the Gemini rising bring to Taurus

Taurus zodiac sign is naturally quite hesitant in love, although the Gemini ascendant does a good job in reassuring you of your feelings. It allows Taurus to let go and trust in their sentiments for their partner.

What is Taurus sun Gemini rising like in love?

You need stability as much as you need freedom, yet you sometimes have trouble knowing what you want. You have a tendency to analyze your feelings and those of your partner, too, which explains why your sentimental path is often confused. In a relationship, you are difficult to pin down because you alternate between periods of attention and total detachment. Both solid and unstable, you are creative, original and cruelly classic.

What are they like at work?

You can be as focused and disciplined as you are scattered and serious. You are adaptable, you know how to easily face the different situations that come your way, even if it generates stress and anxiety. As a curious person, you don't like to sit around doing nothing, and it is not uncommon to see you accumulate experiences. Your sense of teamwork makes you an excellent collaborator.

Gemini rising

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