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Leo sun Gemini rising Leo

Leo sun Gemini rising; independence incarnated

Leo sun Gemini rising makes for a freedom loving and adventurous combination. These natives love taking risks and coming out on top of all the challenges they face. Ambitious and optimistic, you dream of succeeding at the highest levels. Your passion and drive are enough to make people jealous. Despite being surrounded by envious people, don’t let them bring you down or throw you off target. You are passionate and focused on making important changes that will surely lead you towards incredible success.

What the Gemini rising brings to Leo

The Gemini ascendant ensures you a charismatic and enlightening side. Its presence makes socializing easy for you and means you love partying and having fun with your friends and family. In short, you always feel comfortable being the center of attention.

What is Leo sun Gemini rising like in love?

Your love life is often made of unexpected reversals, thus, your path is anything but simple. You love to feel seductive, and you flit around for a long time before stabilizing. In a relationship, you know how to show yourself original, dynamic, lively, and cheerful. Plus, you never lack ideas to boost your love life as you know how to give a social dimension to your relationship.

What are they like at work?

You have a great capacity for work, and you like to act in a hurry, even if you lack organization. You strive to get to the point and don't get bogged down in details. Leo sun Gemini rising, you are intelligent, lively and caustic, nothing escapes you. Mischievous and cunning, you can be calculating. If you have a good team spirit, you easily enter into competition with your collaborators and your relations are not always the calmest and most harmonious.

Gemini rising

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