What Is Capricorn Rising With Sagittarius Sun?

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Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising, you seek to transform your ideals into concrete and sustainable achievements for the community. You are keen on realizing your best ideas and often have a sharp business sense. You are alternately impulsive or circumspect, depending on the moments and the people, which can pose problems in your love life. Generally, you prioritize your professional ambitions and do your utmost for your family, but only afterwards.

What Is Capricorn Rising With Sagittarius Sun?
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Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising - A little too ambitious

Serious, upright, organized, methodical, you are a perfectionist, and responsibilities do not scare you. Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising, you dream of greater social cohesion, and as a pragmatic person, you seek to materialize your ideals in a realistic form. You have a passionate and profound personality, naturally inclined to ignore superficiality, viewing situations with precision and without complacency. Internally, you are passionate, but you tend to exert strong control over your emotions, impulses, desires, and appear reserved and distant. However, with age, you learn to let your enthusiasm and spontaneity emerge 🏋️‍♀️. Ambitious, you give great importance to your professional life. You have a great capacity for work and a true talent for business.

Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising in love and relationships

Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising, as a fire sign coupled with an earth sign, you have a lot of difficulties revealing yourself. Therefore, you need to be confident to be able to bloom and deliver yourself. You need time to invest yourself in a story and to reveal yourself as passionate, sparkling, creative, and original. In a relationship, you know how to be reassuring, and you never lack ideas to consolidate and strengthen your love links. However, your fear of being abandoned or betrayed sometimes makes you possessive and even jealous.👫 

In love, you aspire to build a stable home. Your fear of failure or disappointment pushes you to be cautious and take the time to choose the right partner, as it takes time for you to trust. Loyal and faithful in both friendship and love, your sense of duty toward your surroundings is highly developed. Even if you don't display them, your feelings are very profound. Your love life may sometimes seem empty or frustrating, compromises will be needed to make it more fulfilling.

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What is Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising like with their family?

Your behavior is somewhat egocentric in your home, but you also instill energy, optimism, courage, and liveliness. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You need space at home, even if it means embarking on transformations, but you are not very good at maintaining strict order in your affairs: always busy, often in a hurry, you may neglect details in maintaining your home. It is essential that your loved ones do not force you to lead a more extroverted life.

How about with money and finances?

On the professional front, it is by working behind the scenes that you make the most of your qualities. You are attracted to a job that allows you to appreciate calm and contemplation 🧑‍💼. You love significant responsibilities and aim for an important position. Likewise, you often neglect your loved ones to dedicate yourself to your work; you need people who won't hold it against you. You have a facility to assume a strict professional and social role, aiming to defend institutions or others' interests. A strong need for respectability resides in you, making you reluctant to admit your mistakes.

What are they like at work?

You value your professional life and need recognition for your efforts. You have a great capacity for work, and you do not count your hours. Furthermore, you go to the essentials without rushing, and you are productive and efficient in your activity. Loyal and conscientious, when entrusted with a task, you always carry it through. You can be secretive about your finances. Creative or aesthetic activities are very profitable for you, especially if they bring concrete results. More than others, you are favored and driven to overcome obstacles and never succumb to pessimism. To achieve this, it is essential to know yourself. You have excellent intuitions when it comes to money.

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In conclusion…

You are secretive, often solitary, and your true friends can be counted on one hand. Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising, you like to share authentic values and prefer long walks in nature to outings in clubs that bore you. Your circle must understand and accept that the familiar environment is the only place where you feel completely safe and where you can fully flourish.

While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the public, anyone that knows anything about astrology would testify that the ascendant sign is an equally important consideration for evaluating a personality. The ascendant is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics.

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Sagittarius sun Capricorn rising; a confusing mix

This mixture of Capricorn and Sagittarius traits leads to a contradictory personality. On one hand, you harden your shell with your cold and distant side, while on the other your sense of optimism and romance is equally awakened. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating alliance, notably in the professional realm. In fact, your efficiency, augmented by your incredible open-mindedness, allows you to turn your ideas into success, even if it takes a lot of sweat and tears.

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