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Libra sun Capricorn rising Libra

Libra sun Capricorn rising; a loving mix

The Capricorn ascendant brings some much-needed warmth to the sometimes-cold Libra, making it a great combination. The added sense of humor, gentleness and sociability makes you a sweet soul, although a real volcano brews within you. Thankfully, you know how to quickly pick yourself up so that you always have something positive to focus on. Try and offload pressure as soon as possible.

How the Capricorn ascendant influences Libra

Libra can sometimes struggle to communicate in relationships. Luckily, your ascendant helps you with this, as you understand communication is the key to a healthy couple.

What is Libra sun Capricorn rising like in love?

Libra sun Capricorn rising, you aspire to stability, and the creation of a family, thus, you never commit yourself lightly, and you bet on the long term. Reserved, you do not reveal yourself from the start, and you need to feel total confidence to deliver yourself. You have a mysterious side that suits you perfectly. In a relationship, even if you find it difficult to show your feelings, you are thoughtful, attentive, and caring towards your partner. Your need for security, trust, and construction leads you to talk about projects and plan almost everything in advance. Thus, you sometimes lack spontaneity.

What are they like at work?

You have a great sense of organization, you are methodical, scrupulous, and studious in the exercise of your activity. You are highly concentrated and nothing can disturb you when you are in action. Likewise, you are a fine strategist, and you know how to be unflappable, even inflexible in your negotiations. Tenacious, voluntary, and determined, when you have an idea or a project in mind, you give yourself all the means to realize them.


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