What Does Double Capricorn Mean? The Sun And Rising Sign Explanation

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Capricorn sun Capricorn rising, you are a solitary, determined, and enduring worker. Communication is a bit challenging for you, and you tend to be reserved with strangers. Your ambitions are mixed with a constant doubt about your abilities, which drives you to constantly surpass yourself in the professional realm. You are wary of everything, including feelings, and although you seek emotional stability in warm connections, you find it hard to truly believe in it.

What Does Double Capricorn Mean? The Sun And Rising Sign Explanation
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Capricorn sun Capricorn rising - You are a true perfectionist

Double Capricorn, you have a complete personality, naturally inclined to elevate itself, detach from trivialities, and view things seriously to focus on your true ambitions. You find it easy to take on responsibilities, and the control of events gives you a sense of utility that you cannot do without. You can make energetic decisions that commit you for the long term, capable of significant sacrifices to achieve your goals 🏋️‍♀️. 

You are highly independent and value solitude. Straightforward, square, and honest, you are very demanding of both yourself and others. Very realistic, your worldview is somewhat dark, and you struggle to love yourself. Ambitious, you move forward with a lot of perseverance and resolution toward your goals; nothing can divert you, and you are not intimidated by obstacles.

Capricorn sun Capricorn rising in love and relationships

Capricorn sun Capricorn rising, you tend to settle down late because you need to build yourself professionally. In a relationship, you know how to reassure and support your partner. Solid and stable, you carry the responsibilities of the couple with great ease, and you take care of the balance of your relationship. Once your fears and doubts are overcome, you know how to be considerate, present, and more available. Your need for security incites you to give rhythm to your life with habits or principles. 👫 

In love, you aspire to stability, but your mistrust and caution hold you back. You exert strong control over your emotions and are not very demonstrative. It is challenging to seduce you, but if someone succeeds, you will remain faithful and responsible. In both love and friendship, you generally behave with coldness and distance. Due to your chronic anxiety, you often deprive yourself of experiencing pleasant moments.

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What is Capricorn sun Capricorn rising like with their family?

Your professional career is often more important than your love life. You have deep abilities to take on responsibilities and handle complex situations 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. You thrive in activities where you can showcase your methodical, organized, and meticulous nature. Too demanding and perfectionist, you are rarely satisfied with yourself and regularly question yourself. Your tenderness is expressed perfectly within your home; affectionate, you are an appreciated confidant, tender, and emotional. 

How about with money and finances?

Serious, rigorous, you are a workhorse, and your sense of responsibility is highly developed. Practical, organized, and perfectionist, you are very effective in your role 🧑‍💼. You deploy a lot of elegance and diplomacy in your social and professional life. You focus on presentation, presence, and the impact on others rather than real skills, but you avoid sinking into superficiality. Likewise, you are attracted to professions related to the artistic life, justice, or roles as a mediator or advisor.

What are they like at work?

You have very personal and sometimes whimsical ideas about money. However, your natural sobriety generally protects you from material problems, as you can be content with the essentials. You seek to invest in an original and even eccentric manner without needing advice that you wouldn't listen to. You are a workaholic, and it is not uncommon for you to put your career before your love life. As someone determined, strong-willed, robust, and solid, you know where you stand, and you aren’t intimidated by obstacles and trials. Rigorous and serious, you are a perfectionist, thus, you have an eye for detail, and you polish your files to the extreme. You hate working in a hurry, and you prefer to take your time rather than botch the tasks you are given.

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Zooey Deschanel
John Legend
Dave Grohl

In conclusion…

Being cautious, you find it challenging to open up to others. It takes time for you to grant your trust. You are a very loyal friend, but if you feel disappointed or betrayed, you do not forgive easily. Your social life is limited; you have few friends, but they are sincere. In constant evolution, you can be distracted, inconsistent, absorbed by your goals or personal ideals, but you are generally rather open to others.

While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the public, anyone that knows anything about astrology would testify that the ascendant sign is an equally important consideration for evaluating a personality. The ascendant is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics.

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Capricorn sun Capricorn rising; a faithful mix

Double Capricorn, you’re completely authentic in your relationships. At the very least, no one can accuse you of hypocrisy, and it’s true that you only attract reliable and sincere people, even if you sometimes struggle to step outside your circle. It’s possible that you may be too timid, but this is only an impression you give off as in your private life, you show a different side of you. Regaining your confidence pushes you to alter your relationship habits, and your partner takes these suggestions as evidence of your love.

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