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What To Expect From A Psychic Consultation

Fortune telling, palm reading and numerology are just a few of the methods used by psychics during their consultations. But, what can you actually expect from a consultation with a psychic? What can they actually do for you? The mystery is cleared up for you here! Find out here exactly what to expect from a consultation!

Are you on the brink of consulting a psychic but are still holding off because you are unsure of what to expect? We’re here to reassure you and clear up any doubts you might have.

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So, true or false?

  1. A psychic consultation will allow me to look into my future. Both TRUE and FALSE

Yes, psychic consultations analyze future situations, however they also take into account both past and present situations.

    2.The psychic will enlighten past situations for you that you have misunderstood. TRUE

Yes, a psychic’s role is to clear up any situations that may have left you confused, as well as guiding you to the answers that you seek.

    3. A psychic will give you instructions during your consultation. FALSE

A psychic’s role is to guide you and not to give you instructions or directions. The aim of a consultation is to address your uncertainties and doubts, so that you can tackle your problems on your own. A psychic could advise you which road to take, however they will never impose a way of going about things.

    4. A clairvoyant is never wrong. FALSE

Although psychics are often very reliable, they can never be 100% sure of things. Like in many other scientific sectors, nothing is totally certain and their predictions can sometimes be incorrect, which is why we advise you to take a step back after having a consultation. Psychics don’t guess your future, they offer you an insight into your possible future.

    5. Psychics precisely describe your future. FALSE

Psychics describe what could be in store for you in the future, based on a certain situation. In general, psychics are unable to put a specific date or time to an event, because they often only see periods of your life, for example a month or a season.

    6. Psychics force you to take control of your life. TRUE

Clairvoyance should make you see that not everything is set in stone and that our destiny often depends on the choices we make and the actions we take. One of the main aims of a consultation is to help prepare you for your future.

    7. A consultation is therapeutic. TRUE

Psychic consultations are there to help take a weight off of your shoulders and help address any pressing problems, as well as easing any niggling doubts you might have.

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