What Does Pisces Sun And Pisces Rising Mean?

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Here's a relatively rare combination, the double Pisces. Well, if this is you, this might explain why you often feel misunderstood, as your ever-changing inner world is not accessible to everyone. If you don't find a person or cause to merge with, you're prone to the temptation of artificial paradises or any form of escapism. It's in the ethereal world of art or in a spiritual, even mystical, life that you find your balance.

What Does Pisces Sun And Pisces Rising Mean?
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Pisces sun Pisces rising: An angelic personality

This combination makes you enigmatic and mysterious; one never knows what you're thinking, as you often let your mind wander into various reveries. Flexible and even impressionable, you need to feel surrounded to feel good, often letting others make decisions. Endowed with heightened sensitivity, you enjoy delving into the depths of your personality without complacency. This profound sensitivity naturally leads you to explore and develop your inner life.

With heightened sensitivity, you're tormented, anxious, often oscillating between dreams and reality. Intuitive and overly receptive, you strongly feel people and atmospheres, and your mood varies with the events you encounter. Pisces sun Pisces rising, your sensations take precedence over reflection 🤔. You need to learn not to be overwhelmed by your emotions and to channel your fertile imagination by investing in art, a cause, or spiritual life.

Pisces sun Pisces rising in love and relationships

Pisces sun Pisces rising, love is crucial to your balance, and you cannot conceive your existence without affection. In the grip of moods, you are always between two emotions and two desires. Your sentimental path is quite complex and marked by many questions. In a relationship, you are attentive, demonstrative, romantic, and sweet. However, you like to be reassured about the nature of the feelings that your partner has for you. On the whole, you flee from conflicts, and you aspire to balance and harmony. 

In love, romantic and passionate, you may lack objectivity in your choices and find yourself in complicated stories 💔. You need a strong and realistic partner to stabilize you. You easily find people who want to share your love life, but you may not merge as you wish.

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What is Pisces sun Pisces rising like with their family?

By temperament, you are more of a tenant than an owner. Responsibilities scare you because you see them as constraints with paperwork to handle. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You're skillful and ingenious, as long as it involves small repairs or minor adjustments. You are less inclined toward large-scale projects. You focus on simplifying problems and generally choose the turnkey solution over long and complex plans. 

How about with money and finances?

You find it challenging to keep a job, but you easily find others. In fact, you provoke luck. You have all the qualities to succeed; don't underestimate your worth. Your emotional vulnerability may lead you to individuals seeking your protection without giving anything in return. It's about finding the right balance between the need to associate with non-conformist people and your personal needs. You are calm and understanding, capable of putting yourself in others' shoes, and you would be a good fit in the healthcare sector.🧑‍💼

What are they like at work?

As a dispersed and fickle person, you have difficulty staying focused over a long period of time. It is difficult for you to meet your deadlines, and you need to manage your time as you see fit, which is often incompatible with a hierarchy. You have a good sense of teamwork, and you appreciate pooling your knowledge or your energies. Although, you need passion, novelty, or discovery, without these elements boredom quickly takes over. A bit indolent and desiring to escape realities, you lack a sense of money and thus have little interest in the financial world, but your intuition can be very useful for making excellent investments.

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Johnny Cash
Alexander Graham Bell
Monica Cruz

In conclusion…

There is an atmosphere of mystery around you, Pisces sun Pisces rising, allowing only those who can see beyond appearances to enter your life. Learn to say no and maintain confidence in yourself. You are intuitive and adaptable, with the means to overcome difficult situations, but this doesn't prevent you from considering yourself a misunderstood and unloved victim when a problem arises in your social life.

While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the public, anyone that knows anything about astrology would testify that the ascendant sign is an equally important consideration for evaluating a personality. The ascendant is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics.

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Pisces sun Pisces rising; a touchy mix

You have a great work ethic and are capable of leading several projects by example with bravery and even rashness. As sensitive as you are, though, all it takes is a simple remark to throw you off and create self-doubt. Under the influence of your Pisces ascendant, you risk making some bad moves, showing bad instinct or letting out a slip of the tongue. Fortunately, these will take you in a new direction, where you have greater potential to blossom.

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