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How to Seduce an Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man attracts others with his originality and freedom, and with this kind of guy, you’ll never be bored! People always want to follow him in his adventures; however, seducing him is no easy feat, so don’t miss out on our advice on how to win over his heart.

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Aquarius man’s personality

Aquarius is dynamic, bold, and always ready to go out on an adventure? He’s extravagant and may annoy others by his excessive assurance or his voluntary detachment. This is a sign who has multiple sides that are often difficult to understand. When he’s looking for love, he looks for a relationship that’s rich in strong feelings in which each half respects the other person’s freedom. He rather look for new things romantically-speaking rather than socially. Devoid of any arrogance and pride, Aquarius is very attached to his own independence!

How to attract an Aquarius man

He loves going out and seeing the world with the goal of meeting new people. He likes to exchange different horizons with other people, making him a sign who’s very open. The person of his dreams is someone who’s very independent and rather original. He’s a feminist and vindictive, and he dreams of sharing his ideas and views on life with his other half. To win him over, find an original way of addressing a topic, surprise him! Prove to him that you’re capable of loving him and respecting his need to breathe.

An Aquarius man in love

He’s nonconformist in his way of loving, and doesn’t support stories that have to do with preordained destiny. The idea of a traditional lifestyle doesn’t inspire him at all, as he would prefer to love and discover things endlessly. He likes originality in his relationship, which explains why he’s often found on a slippery slope. This isn’t a sign who’s very stable, and he has a huge fear of commitment.


He loves to live his life by 200%, and you’ll never be bored when you’re with him. He always had a new idea for an activity for you two to discover together. He doesn’t hesitate to wander off the beaten paths.


This is a sign who doesn’t know what a happy medium is, and he can be seen mocking everything, including the rules. His excessive nonchalance quickly irritates his social circle.

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Aquarius man’s romantic compatibility

An Aquarius would couple up well with a Gemini or a Libra. He appreciates Gemini’s adaptable and “hungry for new things” side, which would allow him to include Gemini on his adventures. He likes Libra’s kindness and her calm and balanced side.


Aquarius is an original! He’s communicative, extroverted, and needs to express himself! He loves having a full contact list, seeing people all the time, and meeting new faces! He loves new technologies, and is always on the cutting edge. He’s curious, so he’s ready to go on an adventure or to launch himself into new experiences. As someone who’s fully-fledged, he never does anything like the rest of society, and he likes it that way!


Aquarius is really attached to his independence, which he defends doggedly. He’ll run away from routine and commitment because he likes to be free, and won’t impose any barriers or tolerate any that someone else may impose. Let him go off on an adventure and explore new horizons. Be careful not to push him around, and give him his freedom that he needs or else he’ll go running! He doesn’t appreciate arrogance and excessive pride, both of which he doesn’t have.

Why we fall for Aquarius men

Aquarius catches our attention with his originality and freedom. He’s extroverted and very communicative, so he’s someone who’s fully-fledged who knows how to carry off his other half on to new encounters! With him, you won’t be bored, and change is unpredictable. He’s capable of doing anything, and is truly a breath of fresh air!  

His Favorite Pastimes

Aquarius loves new technology and can pass hours studying the new gadgets that have just been released! He’s attracted by anything that exercises his mind and allows him to communicate with others. He loves online role-playing games, IT, and anything that’s avant-garde. He likes to watch films in 3D in his home, state-of-the-art cinema. Intellectual sports, like chess, reading, and crosswords, are equally enjoyable for him.

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