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Aquarius Personality

An Aquarius personality is constantly in search of independence. They turn away from learned principles in order to make their own path, values, and thinking. Aquarius personalities are capable of adapting to every situation. Aquarius traits include being original, non-conformist, opportunistic, and curious, this zodiac is at times unpredictable. Aquarius, how well do you know your zodiac sign?

Aquarius sign signification

Saturn and Uranus are your planets! As stars of individuality and independence, your personality is connected to notions of freedom. Adaptable to a variety of situations, you're original and curious, but can be unpredictable. Privately, however, you seek to rub shoulders with friends, which allows your team-oriented spirit to shine. In love, you'd like to settle down, but you always have a back-up plan in mind.

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10 Things to know about Aquarius

  • Birth dates: January 20th to February 19th
  • Strong points: Avant-gardism
  • Qualities: Kindness
  • Faults: Individualism
  • Gems: Crystal, Amethyst
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Element: Earth
  • Colors: Purple, blue, cobalt
  • Metal: Chrome
  • Corresponding body parts: Legs, venous system

'Aquarius people are very protective over the ones they love'.

Aquarius personality

Aquarius is a sign of Air, like Libra and Gemini, who needs to exercise their mind to avoid boredom. Uranus, a planet that represents sudden, sometimes violent change, directs Aquarius. Uranus bestows Aquarius with visionary qualities that allow them a glimpse into everyone's future. Aquarius takes on most things without apprehension, and are often thinkers, reformists, and humanists in our world. They need to be surrounded by groups or communities for recognition of their talents.  

Should an Aquarius feel limited or restrained, they may retaliate with coldness or insensibility. In the quest for freedom and justice, Aquarius needs to be sure of their power to speak and move about as they please. Allow them to express themselves. 

Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini personalities make the perfect love match. Discover who else an Aquarius is compatible with.

More details about Aquarius


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