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How To Get A Boyfriend: How To Attract A Capricorn

If you’ve fallen for a Capricorn, good news, when he falls in love you can count on it being for life! Capricorn is extremely stable and faithful, and when he commits, it’s for a life; however, a Capricorn needs to be certain that he has found his soulmate before giving things a go. How do you attract a Capricorn and make him your boyfriend? Don’t miss our precious advice to find out how to make him yours!

Capricorn personality : Calm and steady

Capricorn is ambitious and particularly proud, he has no qualms in aiming for the stars! In a romantic relationship, Capricorn is faithful and strong, even if he often has a hard time expressing his feelings. He prefers to keep his emotions to himself. This guy is very possessive and can become jealous quickly, so don’t wait around to reassure him because he lacks self-confidence. If he feels his ego is damaged, he’s capable of becoming quiet and withdrawn. 

How to attract a Capricorn man : Boost his confidence

This is a sign who loves stability, and he needs to feel assurance in order to fully invest in a relationship. His alter ego is resolute, ambitious, and a little cold at first sight. He dreams of someone proud with a chilling gaze and a little rigid. To attract Capricorn, forget about any alluring outfits because this guy needs simplicity. He needs a shoulder on which he can confide all of his worries. Offer him a peaceful relationship and a solid commitment.

"Capricorns don't care about money, cars or clothes, they just want your love, loyalty and dedication."

❤ Capricorn man in love : Forever kind of love! ❤ 

It’s not rare to find that relationships with a Capricorn last a very long time, even a lifetime. When Capricorn loves, it’s for life, and his feelings are unbelievably strong and resistant to any hardships. 

Capricorn personality : Best traits

Capricorns are strong and comforting, although at first glance Capricorns seem to have their walls up. Loyal and rigorous, Capricorn is equally very perseverant, and he’ll do anything to reach a goal that he has his eye on.

Capricorn personality : Worst traits

Capricorns really don't like change since they're a homebodies and conservative, and can sometimes lack an open mind. Their difficulty to adapt to new people and new situations can sometimes cause them problems. 

Capricorn compatibility : Who is Capricorn compatible with?

Capricorn makes an excellent partner for a Taurus or a Virgo. He’ll like the simplicity and reassuring side Taurus has, and he loves Virgo’s seriousness and modesty.

Capricorn personality : What does a Capricorn like?

Capricorn’s an ambitious and proud sign who has a lot of goals in mind. During the day, he’s the marathon champion because he loves the long-distance races because they're great opportunities for him to show how strong he is. So, when others tend to give up over time, he knows how to prove his endurance to reach his end goal. Capricorn is prudent and patient, appreciates stability, and needs to feel confident. 

Capricorn personality : What does a Capricorn dislike?

Capricorn despises people who are too extroverted, eccentric and precarious! He’s only interested in people who are reliable, determined, and sensible. To attract and Capricorn and make him your boyfriend, hang on! Remember that like to think his decisions through before jumping into anything. Capricorn is modest, introverted, and not at all demonstrative, so don’t make him express his feelings publicly- he hates that!   

Capricorn man : The reasons why we love him

Capricorn is thoughtful, serious, and emotionally stable. When he loves, he loves completely and for life. When he feels confident, he opens up and becomes an excellent companion. He’s faithful and reliable, but he has a hard time showing what he feels. He’s sometimes possessive to the point of becoming jealous… but he takes this upon himself perfectly!

Capricorn man : A Capricorn guy's favorite hobbies

Solitude and tranquility suit him perfectly! He isn’t interested in sweating up a storm at the gym or having pointless discussions. Capricorn prefers to isolate himself and read (this activity is useful in his eyes) and he grows when he has a goal to reach- he’s very determined! The sports that do interest him combine patience and concentration, like shooting, for example.

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