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How to Seduce a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is magnetic, mysterious, and irresistibly attractive. It’s no wonder that this sign is the most erotic of the zodiacs! Don’t miss out on our advice on how to win over this passionate guy…

Scorpio man’s personality 

A Scorpio man is, without a doubt, the most mysterious zodiac sign. Scorpio men are very secretive, they don’t like to be bothered and often tend to mask their feelings. He’s not the kind to open up and takes great care to conserve his inner sanctum. He doesn’t handle failure very well and prefers to swallow his feelings. Spirited and passionate, Scorpio is a relentless lover but equally as jealous and super possessive. It would be best to stay away from becoming his “heart’s desire” because this guy can quickly become aggressive.

How to attract a Scorpio Guy

Because he’s so passionate, Scorpio always has a hobby that takes up a lot of his time and thoughts. He loves to spend time under the covers because sex serves a release for him. This is a man who equally appreciates difficulties because they’re stimulating and push him to overcome them. To please him, you ought to bring out a little bit of mystery and intelligence. Make him fantasize, he loves games of “cat and mouse.” Be equally sexy with your attitude and looks.

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Scorpio man in love

Scorpio is undoubtedly the most effervescent zodiac when he’s in love! When he loves, he loves passionately and lets himself be guided by his instincts without asking questions. He loves being shaken up with passion! Be careful, though: this guy can be quite jealous and even obsessive.

Scorpio man’s qualities

This is a sign who knows how to be discreet and even secretive. His loved ones can tell him their most intimate secrets because he’ll keep them safe and sound. Friends and family can trust him entirely.

Scorpio man’s faults

Suspicious and mysterious, this sign isn’t really the type to show what he’s made of, so that means it’s often said that he has a hard time understanding what puts a considerable damper on his relationships.

Scorpio man’s romantic compatibility

Scorpio makes a lovely couple with a Cancer or Pisces. He appreciates the intuitive side that Cancer has and Pisces’ ability to fascinate others.

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Scorpio man's likes

Scorpio is passionate and mysterious and often has a hobby that he loves that takes up a big part of his free time. As a general rule, once he has his eye fixed on a goal, he holds on to it, and the more the task is laborious, the more he hangs on! When he’s in love, he loves sharing his secret motivations with the other person. He’s the hottest sign of the zodiac and isn’t short on love or pleasures…

Scorpio man's dislikes

In all his splendor, Scorpio doesn’t like frivolity. He doesn’t support indifference because with him, it’s all or nothing! People who are shy and lukewarm send Scorpio running, and he doesn’t support aloof opinions or caged emotions. He’s mysterious and doesn’t like to be drilled, so he’ll cover his tracks because he really likes confusing the reader by keeping them in the dark! How misleading, Scorpio…

What we love about Scorpio men 

Scorpios are magnetic and sensual people, but they have a serious habit of masking their feelings. A Scorpio guy is an alpha male in all his splendor! Feisty and passionate, he doesn’t nothing at half measure! Scorpio is an amazing lover who brings out an undeniable sex appeal. Sex is an outlet for him, it quenches his anxiety.

His Favorite Things

Sports are some of his favorite past times which allow him to express his repressed aggressiveness. He prefers violent sports or those that use muscle to demonstrate strength like athletics, boxing, running, karate, weightlifting, etc. He also likes certain intellectual past times, such as reading detective novels because he loves solving mysteries! He’s equally strong in bluffing games like poker! 

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