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Scorpio Personality

At certain times, a Scorpio personality is forced to exercise extreme self-control in order to hold their tongue. Scorpio traits include expressing themselves passionately, and feeling an intense desire to not conform to situations. Scorpio personalities have a rich potential for creative expression. Scorpios, how well do you know your zodiac?

Scorpio sign signification

Mars and Pluto are the planets that govern you! Your instinctive will power pushes you to express yourself with passion and emotion. You are guided by sensuality and power, but your mind is rebellious, anti-conformist, and critical! In your relationships, you sometimes let aggressiveness (and even jealousy) start to show. Your coherence permits you to question yourself, and you are under constant self-evaluation. 

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10 Things to know about Scorpio

  • Birthday: October 23rd to November 21st
  • Strong Points: Tactful, persistent
  • Qualities: Coherence, pugnacity
  • Faults: Aggressive
  • Gems: Garnet, Ruby
  • Planet: Mars/Pluto
  • Element: Water
  • Colors: Red, gray
  • Metal: Iron
  • Corresponding body parts: Genital organs

'When Scorpios fall in love, they fall deep!'

Scorpio personality

Scorpio is a Water sign, like Pisces and Cancer, and feels compelled to express their emotions. While they can be secretive, Scorpios may open up once in a while. 

Pluto’s slow movement is responsible for Scorpio’s peaceful attitude and mysterious charm. It’s often said that Scorpios are intense because they understand the the evolution of the universe. They are strong leaders thanks to their devotion to seeing things to the end. Their powerful ideas and energy make them capable of rendering change on a large scale. 

Scorpios are normally linked to their sexuality, desire, and passion, and they should ensure that this part of their body stays healthy. Thanks to their determination, if they feel they need to, Scorpios can will themselves to feel healthy. 

Difficulties may arise when a Scorpio has to dispute.  Even if Scorpio usually hates dishonesty and cheating, they can be very jealous and suspicious. Tolerance would do them well. Due to their courageous nature, Scorpios make great friends. If only they could learn to be less secretive and more vocal about their feelings and dreams...

Scorpio compatibility

Scorpios and Cancer make the perfect couple! Discover who else they compatible with, here!

More details about Scorpio


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